elafilador.net (CBSelafilador.net) – because that the an initial time, a previous lead detective speaks out about the 10-year-old murder situation of version Paula Sladewski, a young design whose burned body was found in a dumpster part 14 hrs after surveillance video clip showed her leaving a elafilador.net night club.North elafilador.net Police Cmdr. Michael Gaudio called CBS4’S Peter D’Oench that he hopes there will be a break in the troubling instance someday soon.

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Gaudio had actually been the command detective in the situation during his 13 years at the bureau of detectives.

“It’s frustrating,” that said. “It’s the one situation that stands out in mine career.”

North elafilador.net Police Cmdr. Michael Gaudio (CBS4)

Gaudio claimed the death of the 26-year-old woman who was visiting southern Florida tho haunts him.

“It’s the one ns didn’t solve,” he said. “To be unable to provide the household closure does stroked nerves me. Ns still think around it to this day.”

The killing on Jan. 3, 2010, devastated Sladewski’s sister, who traveled to south Florida a couple of times to raise awareness about this case and ask for the public’s help.

An emotional Kelly Farris speak at a news conference at north elafilador.net police headquarters on Jan. 30, 2010, where she said, “My sister was a 26-year-old girl, so full of life and also beautiful. She cared about everybody.”

Sladewski’s body was discovered burning in a phibìc elafilador.net dumpster in ~ NW 14 Avenue and also 130 Street beside what was then a propane company.

Paula Sladewski’s human body was discovered burning in a north elafilador.net dumpster in ~ NW 14 Avenue and also 130 Street. (CBS4)

“It was just surreal,” claimed Farris. “I can not imagine just how anything favor this might happen.”

Sladewski pertained to elafilador.net through her boyfriend, Kevin Klym, for the new Year’s weekend in 2010. They were going come a Lady Gaga concert and to southern Beach.

Gaudio stated they were within Club an are at 34 NE 11 Street when asked to leaving after they had argued. Klym went back to their hotel after ~ they became separated.

Black-and-white surveillance tape obtained by CBS4 mirrors Sladewski leaving Club space with a guy behind her.

On Jan. 7, 2010, the attorney because that Klym, note Beginin, said, “It shows another gentleman complying with her the end of the nightclub.”

Police had actually briefly referred to as Klym a “person that interest” due to the fact that he was one of the critical persons known to have actually seen Sladewski, yet Gaudio said D’Oench the he is not a human being of interest in this case.

Fourteen hours after Sladewski left society Space, phibìc elafilador.net police were dubbed to the dumpster whereby a resident had seen a fire. That’s where the badly shed body to be discovered. She was identified through dental records.

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Luciano Ceccarelly, a neighbor who runs a business across the street said, “We were shocked. It happened so close to us. I feel bad about what happened. I remember all the police below seating turn off the neighborhood.”

The dumpster is 120 blocks phibìc of Club space on a dead-end street in an commercial area.

“Well, the theory is the she was killed some ar else and also was brought there and someone had actually known wherein the dumpster was,” stated Gaudio. “That’s no something that someone had typical knowledge of.”

Gaudio believes the suspect knew the area and also may have lived there.

Police map out of man who a witness said he witnessed leaving a parking lot close to Club space with Sladewski. Police room still in search of the guy seen in the sketch. (CBS4)

At the time, police exit a sketch after a witness said he observed a male leaving a parking lot near Club an are with Sladewski.

“He to be a heavyset black male or spain male through a goatee,” said Gaudio.

Police room still trying to find the man seen in the sketch.

“People call Crime Stoppers every the time and also the department and I still obtain calls about possible suspects and also persons of interest,” said Gaudio

Shortly after the crime, Farris said, “It’s really sad. Ok never get to see her again till we satisfy one day in heaven.”

And ~ above January 30, 2010, Farris said, “I just plead through anyone it there if they have any type of information, you re welcome come forward. She did not deserve to die this way.”

Gaudio hopes for a break in this case.

Paula Sladewski

“A most time has passed,” he said. “Maybe someone is no afraid to come forward and say they were there the night and also they observed something. I would certainly ask us if they had actually a family members member who’s been taken in a horrendous way. They would certainly want aid so they could have closure. Now is the time to come forward.”

Gaudio said there to be no sightings the Sladewski after she left Club room and no well-known surveillance ice that could have captured any of she movements.

Anyone through information about this instance is inquiry to contact elafilador.net-Dade Crime Stoppers in ~ (305) 471-TIPS (8477).

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There is a reward of up to $3,000.