Death of a Salesman tickets at the Piccadilly Theatre

Following a marketed out run at the Young Vic theatre, the quit hit, critically acclaimed production of Death that a Salesman transfers to the Piccadilly Theatre till 4 January.

Wendell Pierce (The Wire, Suits, Selma) makes his West end stage debut together Willy Loman, v Olivier Award-winning Sharon D. Clarke together Linda Loman.

"I don't speak he's a an excellent man…but he's a person being, and a damaging thing is happening come him. For this reason attention must be paid. He's no to be allowed to fall in his grave choose an old dog. Attention, attention must lastly be paid to together a person."

Following her current award-winning successes ~ above Company and Angels in America, Marianne Elliott co-directs Death of a Salesman with Miranda Cromwell, who worked as associate Director top top both shows. Together, they bring a distinctive vision to one of the best plays the the twentieth century, seen through the eyes of one African-American family.

Death the a salesman Cast and Directors

Wendell Pierce - Willy Loman

Sharon D.

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Clarke - Linda Loman

Sope Dirisu - Biff Loman

Natey Jones - Happy Loman

Victoria Hamilton-Barrit - The Woman/ Jenny

Carole Stennett - miss Forsythe

Ian Bonar - Bernard/ Waiter

Trevor Cooper - Charley Loman

Joseph Mydell - Uncle Ben

Matthew Seadon-Young - Howard/ Stanley

Nenda Neurer - Letta

Femi Tomowo - Willy Loman's Father/ Musician/ Composer and also Musical Director

Sophie Cartman - Understudy Linda/ Letta/ miss Forsythe

Jamie Hogarth - second Waiter/ Understudy Charley/ Bernard/ Howard/ Stanley

Emmanuel Ogunjinmi - Understudy Willy/ Ben


★★★★★ night Standard'This majestic reinvention has end up being a phenomenon★★★★★ Sunday Times'A profoundly moving revival the is unlikely to be gone beyond for a lengthy time’‍★★★★★​​ The Telegraph'Reinvention the a masterpiece.'★★★★★ Time Out'Brilliantly Re-imagined. A phenomenal production.'★★★★★ Daily Telegraph'This masterpiece resonates and also devastates afresh.'‍★★★★★ The times ​'A fresh revival of an old great.'‍★★★★★ The Stage'Riveting, devastating, stunning’‍Financial Times'This superb production is a revelation.'