Gina Krasley, well-known to truth TV viewers together the brand-new star that TLC’s “My 600-lb Life,” has actually died. She was 30 year old.

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Her official reason of fatality has not been announced, but she passed far Sunday in ~ her house in Tuckerton, N.J., “surrounded by her loving family” in ~ the time, follow to she obituary.

Krasley joined the TLC collection — i beg your pardon chronicles the stays of obese human being undergoing gastric bypass surgeries — in 2020 and also was featured in an episode presciently titled “Time Is running Our for Gina,” which has nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

“My life’s been hard,” Krasley admitted in the heartrending arrival to the clip. “…I constantly felt my entire life prefer I was simply pushed under the rug.”

She had actually recently posted social media videos around health struggles that had rendered she immobile with serious pain in her extremities.

“‘I remember what do me forget the ache of being exit was eating — and also by the time I to be 10, i was already over 150 pounds,” Krasley when said ~ above the TLC show.

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By 14, she weighed more than 300 pounds, however she ongoing to turn to food as an “escape,” she said. “As i was gaining closer come 500 pounds, it started to gain harder to perform things.”

She to be a lifelong residents of s County —having resided in Forked River, Barnegat and also Tuckerton for the last six years.

“Her best passion was dancing, and she would comprise dances through her sister and kids in the neighborhood growing up,” according to her family’s statement. She began the “dancing has actually no dimension limit” tik trend and also “dreamed of someday opening increase a dance studio for disability children.”

Gina Krasley, well-known to fact TV viewers together the star that TLC’s “My 600-lb Life,” has died. She was 30.TLC

In enhancement to her reality TV stint, she appeared in a bit part in the 1998 indie film “Walking come the Waterline,” and she “enjoyed playing video games and also spending time through her family.”

“Her best passion to be dancing… dreamy of one day opening up a run studio for disability children.”

In an omission possibly too glaring to be an oversight, Krasley’s heartfelt obituary made no point out of her recent appearance top top “My 600-lb Life,” i beg your pardon some movie critics have accused the exploiting the struggles of obese people.

When reached by The article for comment, reps for the show directed us to a tweet: “TLC to be deeply saddened by the ns of Gina Krasley, who shared her weight-loss trip on ‘My 600-lb Life.’ our thoughts and prayers space with her family members at this complicated time.”

Gina was came before in fatality by her father, Anthony Snyder, and grandfather, Angelo Perullo, follow to her obit.

She is endured by her mother, Cathy Devereux; her mam of 6 years, Elizabeth Krasley; she sister, Ali Samuels; she brother-in-law, Keith; granny Stella Perullo, grandparents Michael and also Annette Tubito, and many aunts, uncles and cousins; she dog Bubba; and also her cat Daisy.

Visitation will certainly be organized on Sunday, Aug. 8, from 10 a.m. Come 1 p.m. At Maxwell Funeral Home160 Mathistown Rd., tiny Egg Harbor, N.J. The household requests that attendees you re welcome wear pink or purple, which to be Gina’s favorite colors.

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In lieu the flowers, the household asks that donations it is in made come mental health and wellness charities of your choosing.