SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Wednesday put a moratorium ~ above the death penalty in the state.There are currently 737 inmates ~ above the fatality row, the nation’s largest. Among the condemned inmates, below are some of the just Area’s notorious killers.

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Nathan Burris (CDCR)

Nathan BurrisBurris gunned under his ex-girlfriend, leg toll-taker Deborah Ross, 51, and also her girlfriend Ersie “Chuckie” Everette, 58, a golden Gate Transit driver ~ above the Richmond-San Rafael bridge toll plaza in 2009 since he believed they romantically involved. He spent his attempt mocking and also cursing the victims household members in court.


Joseph Cordova (CDCR)

Joseph CordovaIn 1979, Cordova raped and strangled eight-year-old Cannie “Candy” Bullock in san Pablo after she mother, v whom Cordova had actually a relationship with, left her house alone to the end drinking. The instance went unsolved because that 23 years until more recent DNA evidence was obtained.


Richard Davis (CDCR)

Richard DavisDavis kidnapped and murdered 12-year-old Polly Klaas in 1993, abducting she from her home in Petaluma. He to be convicted in 1996 and his instance helped fuel assistance for passage of California’s “three-strikes” legislation for repeat offenders. In 2006, he made it through an opiate overdose in his cell.


Melvin Forte (CDCR)

Melvin ForteForte to be condemned to fatality for 1981 kidnap, rape and murder that 23-year-old Ines Sailer, a young German woman and San Francisco resident. Her body was discovered in east San Jose. Forte to be convicted in 2010 based on brand-new DNA evidence while he to be serving a life sentence for a 1982 san Francisco carjacking murder.


Alexander Hamilton (CDCR)

Alexander HamiltonAfter robbing a Wells Fargo branch within a Raley’s supermarket with an youth accomplice in Pittsburg in 2005, the two crashed their vehicle in a police chase. As Pittsburg police officer Larry Lasater chased the two, he was ambushed by Hamilton who shot and killed him follow me the Delta de Anza regional Trail.


David MillsMills pleaded no challenge to involuntary manslaughter because that killing 28-year-old troy Gardner in Oakland in 1997. Eight years later in 2005, Mills murdered James Lee Martin, 28, the Hayward, Dale Griffin, 36, of mountain Pablo, and also Rebecca Martinez, 22, of Oakland in a conflict over a gun. A 4th victim survived the multiple shooting and also testified against him.

Carl MolanoMolano raped and also strangled his neighbor, 33-year-old Suzanne McKenna in her home in Hayward in 1995. The was also convicted that rapng two other women and assaulting his ex-wife, that came forward with details implicating that in McKenna’s death. In 2003, brand-new DNA evidence connected him to the crime.


Joseph NasoNaso to be sentenced to death in 2013 for the killing of three northern California women and to a life prison sentence because that the murder of a fourth. The killing were called the “Double early Killings” because the victims – Carmen Colon, 22; Pamela Parsons, 38; Tracy Tafoya, 31; and also Roxene Roggasch, 18 – all had actually matching first and last initials.

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Charles NgNg is a serial killer who is thought to have raped, tortured and murdered approximately 25 victims along with San Francisco native Leonard Lake at Lake’s cabin in Calaveras County. In 1985, Ng fled to Canada after being captured shoplifting in south San Francisco and also Lake killed himself through swallowing cyanide pills once he was arrested. After his capture and also extradition indigenous Canada in 1991 ~ a years-long dispute, Ng was ultimately convicted in 1999 in the killing of 6 men, three women, and also two male infants.


Rodrigo PaniaguaIn 2005, Paniagua stabbed to fatality his pregnant girlfriend Leticia Chavez and their 2 young daughters 3-year-old AnaLisa and 6-year-old Adrina in their san Jose house in their bedroom wherein they were sleeping. He then collection their bodies on fire and also went the end to smoke a cigarette. The 3 had endured years of physics abuse by Paniagua.


Scott PetersonIn among the most well known murder instances in the only Area, Peterson’s case began when he reported his wife, Laci Peterson, missing on Christmas eve in 2002. Laci Peterson to be seven-and-a-half months pregnant at the time. The investigation revealed inconsistencies in Peterson’s story, and it was soon revealed he had actually been associated in extramarital affairs. In 2003, the decomposed continues to be of Laci and also her unborn kid were uncovered at Richmond’s point Isabel local Shoreline park. Peterson arrested job later and it showed up he was set to flee the country. He was convicted in 2004 the the first-degree murder of Laci and in the second-degree killing of his unborn son, Connor.


Irving RamirezRamirez cleared a clip indigenous his handgun into San Leandro Police officer Nels “Dan” Niemi in 2005 after ~ Niemi comment to a psychic the peace call, standing over him and shooting the six much more times after the early stage shot. Ramirez had guns and drugs top top him and feared going back to jail on parole violations. Niemi to be the very first San Leandro police officer killed in the heat of duty in 4 decades.


Ramon SalcidoIn 1989 Salcido went on a murderous rampage in the north Bay, an initial slashing his daughters’ throats; death four-year-old Sofia and 22-month-old Teresa when 3-year-old Carmina survived. He then drove come Cotati, killed his mother-in-law and also two daughters, then returned to his home in Boyes warm Springs wherein he shooting his wife, Angela Salcido. The then went to the grand Cru winery wherein he worked and killed a co-worker. Salcido fled come Mexico however was arrested and also extradited back to the U.S. Salcido told police in Mexico he cursed the massive murder due to the fact that he thought his mam was having actually an affair.


Cary StaynerIn February 1999, Stayner murdered three world near Yosemite national Park: 42-year-old Carole Sund; her daughter, 15-year-old Juli Sund; Juli’s friend, 16-year-old Argentine exchange student Silvina Pelosso. Stayer, a Yosemite area motel handyman, convinced Sund to let him right into their room to settle a leak. Stayner was among motel employee interviewed through police but he was not considered suspect since he had no criminal history and remained calm during the interview. Month later, Stayner eliminated Yosemite naturalist Joie Ruth Armstrong and when investigators connected him to the crime he then confessed come the other murders.


Marcus WessonIn 2004, police in Fresno were called to what was explained as a child custody problem at a squalid household compound and a standoff ensued. In the aftermath, police found Wesson had shot and killed 2 of his daughters along with seven kids fathered through incestuous relationships through Wesson. He was convicted of ripe counts that murder and also 14 sex crimes entailing the rape and molestation of his underage daughters.

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Darnell WilliamsWilliams shot and also killed eight-year-old girl Alaysha Carradine in 2013 while she was sleeping over her friend’s apartment in Oakland. Williams had fired the shots right into the apartment in revenge because that the fatal shoot of a friend. 2 months later, Williams shot and also killed 22-year-old Anthony Medearis III in Berkeley throughout a robbery, in part because he thought Medearis had actually “snitched” to police in 2011. He was convicted in 2016.