Death Valley nationwide Park is a strange ar by any type of standard. Famously well-known for gift the hottest location on earth, fatality Valley additionally sits at the driest and lowest elevation in north America.

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Its strangest attribute of all is the secret Racetrack Playa. Here, rocks drift across the flat desert landscape, seemingly pushed by no power various other than their own!

The mystery of the cruising stonesLocated top top the border that California and Nevada, fatality Valley nationwide Park to be designated in 1933, and also is residence to among the world"s strangest phenomena: rocks that move along the desert ground v no gravitational cause. Known as "sailing stones," the rocks vary in size from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds. Though nobody has ever seen castle actually move in person, the trails left behind the stones and periodic changes in their ar make that clear that they do.


Scientific explanationsThe rocks that Racetrack Playa space composed of dolomite and syenite, the same materials that make up the bordering mountains. They tumble down as result of the forces of erosion, comes to remainder on the parched floor below. Once they with the level surface of the playa, the rocks somehow move horizontally, leaving perfect tracks behind lock to record their path.

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Many that the biggest rocks have actually left behind trails as long as 1,500 feet, arguing that they"ve relocated a long means indeed indigenous their initial location. Rocks with a rough-bottomed surface leave straight tracks, while smooth-bottomed rocks have tendency to wander. The cruising stones have actually been observed and studied because the early 1900s, and several theories have been said to describe their mysterious movements. 

In 2014, scientists were maybe to catch the motion of the stones because that the an initial time utilizing time-lapse photography. The outcomes strongly indicate that the sailing stones space the result of a perfect balance that ice, water, and wind. In the winter of 2014, rain created a little pond that froze overnight and thawed the next day, developing a vast sheet that ice that was decreased by midday to only a few millimeters thick. Propelled by a irradiate wind, this sheet broke up and gathered behind the stones, slowly pushing castle forward. 


Visiting the RacetrackTo watch the relocating rocks the the Racetrack Playa, drive 2 miles south of the Grandstand parking area. If the specific location that the sailing stones is constantly changing, you can usually obtain the best view through walking about a half-mile toward the southeast corner of the playa.

When you do visit, please carry out not harass the rocks or your tracks. Following rain, the playa i do not care muddy, for this reason be mindful to prevent approaching the rocks and also leaving unsightly footprints during wet conditions. Control off established roads is likewise prohibited. 

The cruising stones of death Valley continue to baffle park visitors and scientists alike. We might think we have uncovered the prize to your movement, however who knows what other secrets lie in fatality Valley? salary a visit and also see if you have the right to come up v your very own theory about this an excellent phenomena. 


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The systems to the rocks' monitor from gift frozen in blown ice cream cakes has been known since at the very least May that 1966. I was in ~ the Racetrack Playa then v my father, Ed Seiler - one Alaskan bush pilot, and a geology class of about 20 students and also their professor. ~ viewing the rocks' tracks, the professor asked the class and also us what we thought brought about the tracks, and also my dad increased his hand. He said these tracks space the very same as those checked out in shallow ponds ~ above the Alaskan tundra. The tracks there are take place in the spring as soon as the ice in the ponds has actually mostly melted, however with some rocks captured in ice cream cakes. The wind pushes the ice cakes throughout the ponds and also the rocks stuck in them leaving tracks similar to at racetrack playa. The geology professor agreed that this same reason was the most most likely explanation for the monitor of Racetrack Playa. May, 1966.