New Dancing v the Stars pro Alan Bersten has shared just how his dance partner, singing sensation Debbie Gibson’s “excruciating” battle with Lyme disease has to be both awe-inspiring and incredibly daunting as the duo prepare for your debut.

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ET caught up with the 23-year-old dancer in ~ the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation’s Celebrity Poker Tournament, sustained by PokerStars help Hands, in ~ Avalon in Hollywood, California, on Sunday. The glitzy event’s theme was Heroes4Heroes, and also Bersten admitted the Gibson has become one of his biggest heroes.

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“Debbie has actually been through Lyme disease, therefore she’s ~ above the recovery, wellness wise, and to me it’s simply inspirational that she even signed up because that the show,” stated Bersten, who was formerly a member of the ABC reality competition"sdance troupe and also has been promoted to a professional competitor forseason 25. “It’s one thing to cure from a an illness like Lyme disease, where it’s excruciating on your body, but another thing to carry out it on live television, for this reason it’s really inspirational the she’s also trying to execute this. She’s motivating me -- and also hopefully american who space going to be watching -- to obtain up and also really try to get ago to the great place in her life.”

Since being diagnosed 4 years ago,Gibson has actually been fighting the bacterial infection, i m sorry is mostly transmitted by deer ticks and also can reason flu-like symptoms, rashes, joint and muscle pain and also limb weakness. The disease can cause significant debilitation and also is frequently misdiagnosed.

Bersten shared that she illness method the pair have had actually to tread very closely when it pertains to rehearsals for the show, "so she doesn’t get injured she muscles,” he said. “She has actually a medical professional with her, who works on she whenever she feeling pain. Yet we can’t practice for four hours a job every day, for this reason we need to work smarter instead of harder.”

While challenging,Bersten claimed he "thinks every difficulty comes with a reward and also hopefully we’ll have actually a nice reward top top Monday!”

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Despite the included hurdles the pair are encountering in the competition, Bersten provided how Gibson has remained upbeat, energetic and positive.

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“She is literally the many joyful human to it is in around,” the gushed. “When we’re rehearsing, it simply flies by because we’ve had actually so much fun. She’s been having actually concerts because that these past few days, so us don’t have much time for rehearsals though.”

In fact, Bersten had actually just arrived back in Los Angeles after catching Gibson’s Washington concert ~ above Saturday night. Landing ~ above Sunday morning, he choose up a dapper navy-blue suit for the poker event, which increased funds for LAPD families who have actually experienced unexpected catastrophic circumstances, and also was additionally attended by Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris, Shahs the Sunset’s Golnesa ""GG"" Gharachedaghi, UFC star Tito Ortiz and One Tree Hill’s Paul Johansson.

At 23, Bersten was born after Gibson’s musical heyday in the "80s, but says that was mindful of the icon after she saw Las Vegas and also was “inconspicuously watching” the Dancing through the Stars Live!show the he toured with. That has since done his research, “listened to all her songs,” and also was extremely nervous the very first time he met the “legend.”

“It’s one incredible, exciting and also nerve-wracking suffer to accomplish someone you’re going to invest the next three months with,” the said. “It was amazing due to the fact that our energies work really well together. I’m a super-excited person and she just has actually this zest for life and enjoys every moment and also that’s extremely important.”

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