death certificates display that Debbie Reynolds passed away from a stroke and her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died from cardiac arrest – return the an accurate cause of fatality of the “Star Wars” actress will require an ext investigation.

The fatality certificates because that the two Hollywood stars, who passed away one work apart, were released Monday through the Los Angeles County room of windy Health.

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Carrie Fisher is seen as Princess Leia ~ above the collection of George Lucas" "Star Wars: episode IV -- A brand-new Hope" in 1977. The American actress and writer is best-known for her portrayal the Princess Leia in the "Star Wars" movie franchise. Fisher to be hospitalized December 23 in Los Angeles after enduring a heart attack. Fisher passed away on Tuesday, December 27. She was 60.

Fisher was born in Beverly Hills top top October 21, 1956, come Eddie Fisher and also Debbie Reynolds. Here, lock gaze proudly at their newborn daughter on January 2, 1957.


Debbie Reynolds renders her an initial appearance on Broadway in a work again, please again of the 1919 music "Irene" in 1973. Fisher, seated on the floor, dropped out of high school at age 15 and was featured in the music as component of the chorus.

Warren Beatty and Fisher, then 17, take it a break during filming the the movie "Shampoo" in 1974. Fisher has acted in films, plays and television shows, and has created a number of best-selling books.
mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Fisher and also Harrison Ford (Han Solo) on the collection of "Star Wars: illustration IV -- A new Hope" in 1977.

Harrison Ford and also Fisher adopt during filming of "Star Wars: illustration V - The realm Strikes Back" in 1980. On November 16, 2016, Fisher revealed to people magazine the she and co-star Ford had actually an affair throughout the 1976 filming of "Star Wars."

Fisher smiles because that a picture in 1980. Fisher is a well-respected script medical professional of such movies together "The Wedding Singer" and also "Sister Act."

Fisher stars in the film, "Star Wars: Episode using -- Return that the Jedi" in 1983. The "gold bikini" is just one of her most famed costumes as Princess Leia. In addition to her exhilaration career, Fisher -- who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at period 24 -- has actually lobbied as an support for mental wellness awareness and treatment and has spoken before the California state Senate.
Musician Paul Simon poses because that a picture with Fisher in 1983. The 2 were married in August and also divorced around one year later in July 1984.
Meryl Streep, left -- who illustrated a character based on Fisher in the film adaptation of Fisher"s 1987 novel, "Postcards native the Edge" -- is watched at the film"s premiere in Century City, California, on September 10, 1990.
Fisher attends a book signing for her novel, "The finest Awful," in Beverly Hills, California, in 2004. The semi-autobiographical novel fictionalized events from Fisher"s life.
"Star Wars" trio mark Hamill, left, Fisher and Harrison Ford speak during a tribute come filmmaker George Lucas at the 33rd American movie Institute Life achievement Award event in Hollywood top top June 9, 2005.
Fisher takes part in a dress rehearsal for her play "Wishful Drinking" at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles in 2006.
Fisher poses through her mommy Debbie Reynolds and daughter billie Catherine Lourd at the 21st yearly Screen actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles top top January 25, 2015.
Fisher salutes together she poses with a storm trooper at the european premiere of "Star Wars: The pressure Awakens" in main London ~ above December 16, 2015.
Domhnall Gleeson, left, Hugo Sigman, Fisher, and also Damian Szifron pose because that a photograph at the EE brothers Academy movie Awards in London top top February 14, 2016. Your film, "Wild Tales," winner the BAFTA award for ideal film not in the English language.
Tom Hiddleston looks on together Fisher and also her dog, Gary, arrive for the 102nd White home Correspondents" association dinner in Washington on April 30, 2016.
Fisher’s cause of death was provided as “cardiac arrest/deferred,” denote there will certainly be additional tests. The 60-year-old actress to be hospitalized ~ above December 23 ~ a cardiac occasion on a trip from London come Los Angeles, according to a resource familiar v the situation. Fisher had remained in London filming the recent season the Amazon’s “Catastrophe.”

four days later, her death was confirmed in a statement issued by the publicist for billy Lourd, Fisher’s daughter.

The day after Fisher’s death, Reynolds – one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the 1950s and also 1960s – was required to a Los Angeles hospital whereby she later died. ~ above her fatality certificate, her cause of death was noted as “intracerebral hemorrhage,” which is a form of stroke.

Reynolds to be a proud member of the Girl Scouts. At the time of this photo, at age 17, she had earned 42 out of a possible 100 title in eight years of scouting.
Reynolds starred through Gene Kelly in 1952"s "Singin" in the Rain." as soon as the movie began production, Reynolds didn"t know how to dance and also was teach by Kelly, likewise the choreographer of the film.
Debbie Reynolds and also Eddie Fisher were married in 1955 and also divorced in 1959. The couple had two children: Carrie, born in 1956, and also Todd, born in 1958.
Fisher v Reynolds and also Elizabeth Taylor in las Vegas in 1958. The following year Fisher left Reynolds and married Taylor.
Reynolds hold her two children, Carrie and also Todd, right, throughout the shoot of 1959"s "The adjustment Game."
Hermione Baddeley points her finger in ~ Reynolds as Harve Presnell and Ed Begley watch throughout a step from the 1964 film "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." Reynolds to be nominated for an Academy compensation for best Actress for the role.
Reynolds provides her first appearance ~ above Broadway in 1973, opened in a work again, please again of the 1919 music "Irene." Carrie Fisher, seated on floor, additionally appeared in the music at age 16.
Reynolds on stage for for a curtain contact after a performance of "Woman of the Year" at brand-new York"s royal residence Theatre in 1983.
Reynolds v Todd and also Carrie Fisher in ~ the Thalians ball in 1985. Reynolds was associated with the Thalians, a team of entertainment experts who assistance mental health issues, from the 1950s.
Debbie Reynolds in 2001 at the website of the new Hollywood Motion photo Collection, whereby her $30 million motion snapshot costume arsenal would it is in housed.
Reynold"s appears in an episode of "Will & Grace" in 1999 v Debra Messing. Reynolds play the recurring personality of Bobbi Adler, mom to Messing"s elegant Adler.
Reynolds takes component in the ribbon cutting at the opening of of the Casino club at The Greenbrier on July 2, 2010, in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, with West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin; Greenbrier owner and also chairman Jim Justice; Brooke Shields; Kathy Justice; and singer Jessica Simpson.
Reynolds poses before the auction of her huge collection of memorabilia from standard movies in 2011. Reynolds is siting top top the throne from the 1955 movie "Virgin Queen" with a dress worn by Bette Davis, right, and also Joan Collins, left.
Reynolds poses with daughter Carrie Fisher ~ receiving the screen Actors Guild Life success Award on January 25, 2015, in Los Angeles.
Reynolds’ son, Todd Fisher, damaged the news. “My mother passed far a brief time ago,” he told “She spoke to me this morning and also said she let go Carrie.”

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