Debbie Reynolds make it huge with Singin’ in the Rain. Co-starring Gene Kelly and also Donald O’Connor, the 1952 movie music is taken into consideration one that the all-time greats. Songs prefer “Good Morning” and also “Singin’ in the Rain” have actually become part of popular music culture, and also it additional cemented the 3 stars’ place as few of the biggest movie stars the Hollywood’s golden Age.

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Reynolds and also Kelly played romantic partners in the film. Your on-screen chemistry might lead some to believe the stars had a an excellent friendship off set, yet according to Reynolds, that wasn’t completely the case.


Debbie Reynolds (L) and Gene Kelly (R) in a promotional photo for ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ (1952) | FILE/AFP via Getty Images

Debbie Reynolds was simply 18 when she starred in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

Kelly co-directed the film v Stanley Donen, i beg your pardon Reynolds stated in one interview with Turner classic Movies caused him being busy day in, day the end on set.

“He to be tough due to the fact that he was the director, so he to be worried about everything,” she said. “He to be worried about the concept, the directing, the cinematography, the lighting. He had actually that every on his shoulders, so he had actually so lot to do, so much responsibility. And he didn’t have time come horse roughly or kid around on the set, for this reason there to be no tom foolery.”

Reynolds was simply 18 once she to be selected through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to star in the film. She acquired a contract with the studio ~ winning a beauty challenge when she to be 16. (This contract led to her meeting Elizabeth Taylor, that was additionally hired by MGM.)

Although Reynolds and also Kelly play love understand in the film, the 18-year-old Reynolds and 40-year-old Kelly weren’t close.

“We were a really different age, so we didn’t have actually a lot in common,” the so late Reynolds said.

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Gene Kelly didn’t desire to be defined by his starring roles

She did occupational with that a great deal, that course. As soon as Reynolds wasn’t gift taught just how to dance because that the film, she was shooting scenes v Kelly and also O’Connor—scenes Kelly directed she through.

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“They had it functioned out, and also that is that Gene directed united state person-to-person,” Reynolds said TCM. “And Stanley mainly was behind the scenes, and worked the camera, and working v all the crew and everything. They had it all cleared up between the 2 of them, and also they were an extremely dear friends.”

In the exact same interview to be a clip from Kelly’s 3rd and critical wife, Patricia Ward, who has actually spent the years due to the fact that Kelly’s fatality in 1996 preserving the storage of his work. And also she revealed in the clip the Kelly didn’t want to be well-known for his famous dancing, yet rather as a creative.

“Gene’s frequently known as type of a triple threat, the he can sing, and dance, and also act, despite he really never even wanted to be a performer,” she said. “And he definitely never want to it is in a dancer. Performing was really a second thing because that Gene. What he really want to perform was create. And also he didn’t really care about being in former of the camera at all. Ns think a lot of civilization imagine that that to be the case, yet it wasn’t.”

“His attention was really in producing the dance and a specific interest in an altering the look at of run on film,” Ward continued. “And ns think if he were asked how he wanted to be remembered, that was no for any details film role, however really because that doing that—for an altering the look of run on film.”