Oscar-nominated star said her kid ‘that she would favor to be through Carrie again’, 15 minutes prior to she had actually a serious stroke

Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds has passed away aged 84, simply one job after the death of her daughter, famed actor and also author Carrie Fisher.

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Her death was evidenced by her son, Todd Fisher.

“The last point she stated this morning was that she to be very, an extremely sad about losing Carrie and that she would prefer to be through her again,” Fisher said. “Fifteen minutes later she experienced a major stroke.”

Reynolds died just hours after she was required to Cedars Sinai medical facility from her son’s home in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon.

“The just thing we’re acquisition solace in is the what she want to perform was take treatment of she daughter, i beg your pardon is what she did best,” he added.

On Friday, Carrie Fisher reportedly suffered a heart strike on a trip from London to Los Angeles. Reynolds post on she Facebook web page on Christmas Day the Fisher was in a stable condition.

Carrie Fisher died two work later.

On Tuesday, Reynolds addressed Fisher’s fatality on Facebook, writing: “Thank you come everyone who has adopted the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. Ns am grateful for her thoughts and also prayers the are currently guiding she to her next stop. Love carries Mother.”


Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher and also Debbie Reynolds at the display Actors Guild awards in Los Angeles critical year. Photograph: Kevin Mazur/Getty ImagesFurther tributes came from Joely Fisher, a daughter of Reynolds’ ex-husband Eddie Fisher, and also Carrie Fisher’s half-sister, who tweeted a snapshot of herself and also Reynolds through the native “God speed mama”.

God rate mama pic.twitter.com/XsO5zqN8w6

— Joely Fisher (
MsJoelyFisher) December 28, 2016

“So heartsick. Debbie checked out be v Carrie. It’s such a terrible 1, 2 punch,” tweeted Debra Messing. Reynolds play Messing’s mom on the sitcom will certainly & Grace. “She to be my ‘mom’ for years & i loved her dearly. A legend.”

Messing’s co-star Eric McCormack, who played Will, tweeted a quick time later: “The mix of the loss of Carrie Fisher & climate her mom Debbie Reynolds is also much. I’m yes, really at a lose here.”

Albert Brooks, who directed and also co-starred v Reynolds in 1996’s Mother, was one more of the star’s “children” who paid tribute ~ above Wednesday.

Debbie Reynolds, a legend and also my movie mom. Ns can't think this occurred one job after Carrie. My love goes out to Billie.

— Albert Brooks (
AlbertBrooks) December 29, 2016

Hollywood veteran Carl Reiner, who acted together Reynolds in the 1959 comedy The Gazebo, and also later command Carrie Fisher in the 1990 comedy Sibling Rivalry, tweeted: “How shocked we were to discover that Debbie Reynolds passed away simply a job after she daughter Carrie. I loved & functioned both of this icons.”

Carol Channing, who performed v Reynolds ~ above stage, said the push Association: “She to be beautiful and also generous. It appears like just yesterday she was having actually lunch right here at the house and also we were discussing the possibility of working with each other in a brand-new show.”

Actor Rip Taylor, that had additionally performed through Reynolds in las Vegas, said: “I was blessed to work-related with this impressive woman because that 45, practically 50 years. That renders for a an extremely rare bond and also unique relationship. She to be generous to a fault, never caring who obtained the laugh native the audience. Ns will constantly love her.”

In 2011, Reynolds and Fisher showed up together for substantial interview ~ above the Oprah Winfrey show. Throughout the interview, mother and also daughter spoke around their admiration because that each other.

Fisher said: “I believe my mother knows now yet if she doesn’t, it would certainly be an excellent if she did: that i take she advice, that i follow she example, that ns respect that she is … and if I’m like her in any means then ns happy that ns am.”

Earlier ~ above Wednesday, Winfrey tweeted a photo from the interview, saying: “Remembering the an excellent times with Carrie and her mother.”

Remembering the good times v Carrie and also her mother. #RIPCarrie pic.twitter.com/aplDPUrfhm

— Oprah Winfrey (
Oprah) December 27, 2016

Fellow chatshow organize Ellen DeGeneres added her tribute, expressing issue for the family members of both women.

I can't imagine what Carrie Fisher and also Debbie Reynolds' household are going v this week. Ns send all of my love.

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— Ellen DeGeneres (
TheEllenShow) December 29, 2016

The Academy the Motion photo Arts and also Sciences was amongst the organisations paying tribute on society media, tweeting: “An actress, a trailblazer and hero, remainder in peace Debbie Reynolds.”

Actor and also singer Bette Midler also hailed Reynolds top top Twitter, speak she was “beautiful, talented, specialized to her craft”.

Reynolds began her climb to stardom in ~ 16, when she recorded the eye of Warner Bros during a beauty beauty pageant, however her an initial breakout function was co-starring v Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her job-related in 1964’s The Unsinkable Molly Brown.