LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 25: Actress Debbie Reynolds (L), recipient of the screen Actors Guild Life achievement Award, and Billie Lourd posture in the push room in ~ the 21st annual Screen gibbs Guild Awards in ~ The Shrine Auditorium on January 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)Ethan fearbut / Getty Images
Billie Lourd, the granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, is collection to pay tribute to her late grandmother in a an extremely touching way. Top top Thursday, it to be announced the the 27-year-old actress has actually joined the cast of "Will & Grace," playing the granddaughter of her late grandmother"s character.

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Lourd, who is additionally the daughter the the late Carrie Fisher, confirmed the happy news on her Instagram, alongside a gallery of pictures featuring Reynolds native the sitcom.

"I have watched and also loved will & Grace since I to be (probably too) young. So obtaining to watch my grandma pat Grace’s mom was one o’ the coolest things to occur to mine young willandgraceobsessed self," Lourd wrote. "Next mainly I obtain to beat my real life grandma’s on-screen granddaughter on among my favorite shows and also there room not sufficient happy adjectives in the civilization to convey the excitement i feel."

She likewise thanked the cast and producers for "bringing me right into the Adler fam."

"Will & Grace" co-creator and executive producer Max Mutchnick common the exciting news on his Instagram as well.

"It"s Hollywood aristocracy on the "Will & Grace" stage this week. Billie Lourd plays the nephew of real life grandm Debbie Reynolds. I loved Debbie, i loved Carrie and also I love this apple who did not loss far from her trees," that captioned a photograph of the pair.

According come Deadline, Lourd will guest star as Fiona Adler, grace Adler"s (Debra Messing) nephew in the final season the the groundbreaking comedy. The episode, i beg your pardon is collection to tape on Sept. 25, will feature Fiona reconnecting through her "cool aunt" Grace.

Reynolds shown the personality Bobbi Adler, grace Adler"s show business mother, in 12 episodes of the NBC sitcom, covering from 1999 to 2006. In 2000, her stint earned her an Emmy nomination. The late actress died on Dec. 28, 2017, one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, happen away.

Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher and also Debbie Reynolds.WireImage

Last year, Messing common memories of her on-screen mother at the PaleyFest in Los Angeles, according to entertain Weekly.

“Debbie was really indescribable,” she said. “She would come onstage and also she to be a large in the best sense. She constantly was entertaining and singing and also dancing and also she was to run off and also doing a one woman show 300 days of the year. It was just crazy.”

“She and I would sit together and also we would talk around being mothers because I to be a brand-new mother,” Messing added. “She would certainly talk about Carrie and also we would talk around the obstacles of being a functioning mom.”

In July, it was announced the the renewal will to speak goodbye to viewers ~ the upcoming 2020 season. In one NBC press release, the show"s executive producers defined that the actors and also writers want to walk out through a bang.

“We think of the "Will & Grace’ reboot illustration the means Karen walker thinks the martinis — 51 is not enough, 53 is too many," Mutchnick, David Kohan and James Burrow joked.

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Other guest stars announced to appear on the show"s finale season include Demi Lovato and also Ryan Phillippe, that will apparently be play himself.


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