This handy calendar that the nationwide Days that December will give you a quick look at the month to find out how to celebrate your favorite nationwide Day through crafts ideas, food and drink recipes and also ways come entertain.

Each time ns write around a brand-new and fun nationwide day around December on the blog, I add links come the perform below, to gives you new ideas for means to celebrate these days.

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Discovering December

December is the twelfth month the the year in our calendar. In the north Hemisphere, that is the start of winter, yet in the southerly hemisphere that is associated with summer.


December obtained its name initially from the Latin indigenous “decem” which method ten. The reason for this is the it to be a component of the roman calendar, beginning in March and also was the tenth month.

Later, the months of January and February were produced and added to the start of the calendar, yet December kept its name.

December is national Safe Toys and Gifts month, i m sorry is apt, because Christmas is a time because that gift providing for children. It is additionally Operation Santa Paws Month, nationwide Drunk and also Drugged Driving avoidance Month and also National source Vegetables and also Exotic fruits Month.

But don’t avoid these activities, through all these fun and offbeat holidays, there is much more than simply Christmas to celebrate this month.

Fun Facts about December

The month that December has actually arrived, so let’s capture up with a few facts around the very first month the winter.


December is the very first month of winter and also the critical month that the year.The birthstones for the month that December space turquoise and also tanzanite.Flowers the honor the month space the poinsettia and narcissus.If you follow the indications of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is from December 1 to 21 and Capricorn from the 22nd on.The an initial day of winter happenswhen the sun is farthest south (on December 21stor 22nd). Thisdayis known as theWinterSolstice.On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to relocate to the earlier of a windy bus in Montgomery, Alabama.On the last day that the year, December 31, kiss the human being you expect to save kissing!Some almanacs predict the if snow drops on Christmas Day, then Easter will certainly be warm, and sunny.Saint Nickolas, who would at some point be dubbed Santa Claus, was at one time the patron saint that children, pawnbrokers and thieves!December 28 is considered the luckiest day of the year.Ancient folklore claims that forest pets have the capacity to speak in human being languages ~ above Christmas Eve!Some renowned birthdays in December room those of Walt Disney, frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

Calendar for the national Days that December

The calendar below lists the nationwide Days that December, day by day. Several of these days have links to pages on my website where you have the right to find much more information around that amazing national day.

Even though Christmas and also holiday entertaining are significant in December, there are many other means to celebrate, as well. From nationwide Gingersnap day on July 1, to national I Love horses Day top top the 15th, this month is complete of fun.

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December 1

National Eat a Red apologize DayNational Pie day (also January 23)National Christmas lights DayBifocals at the screen Liberation DayDay Without art DayRosa Parks DayCivil wait Patrol DayWear a dress Day (also June 1)World Aids Day

December 2

National Mutt day (also July 31)National Fritters DaySpecial education DayBusiness of Popping Corn DaySafety Razor DayPlay Basketball DayInternational Day because that the Abolition of Slavery

December 3

National Roof Over her Head DayNational green Bean Casserole DayNational apologize Pie work – likewise May 13Let’s Hug DayDisability work – also known as international Day of Persons through DisabilitiesInternational spirit of the video game Day

December 4

National amount say DayNational Dice DayCabernet france DaySanta’s list DayWear Brown shoes DayWildlife preservation DayExtraordinary work Team recognition DayInternational Cheetah Day

December 5

National Repeal DayNational connect with your youngsters DayNational Commute through your infant DayNational Blue jeans DayNational Sacher Torte DayAFL-CIO DayRepeal DayBathtub Party DayKrampus NightDay of the Ninja DayInternational Volunteer DayWorld floor Day


December 6

National Microwave stove DayNational Gazpacho DayNational Pawnbrokers DaySt. Nicholas DayMiners’ DayPut top top your very own Shoes DayMitten Tree Day

December 7

National Illinois DayNational cotton Candy day – also July 31National Pearl harbor Remembrance DayInternational polite Aviation Day

December 8

National Brownie DayNational Lard DayTake that in the ear DayPretend To it is in A Time Traveler Day

December 9

National Pastry DayNational Llama DayWeary Willie DayChristmas map DayInternational Anti-Corruption DayInternational day of veterinary MedicineWorld Techno Day

December 10

Dewey Decimal device DayNational Lager DayHuman legal rights DayNobel prize DayFestival because that the Souls of Dead Whales Day

December 11

National Noodle Ring DayNational have actually a Bagel DayNational app DayHoliday Food journey for Needy animals DayInternational mountain Day

December 12

National Ding-a-Ling DayNational Ambrosia DayNational 12 Hour fresh Breath DayFestival that Unmentionable thoughts Day

December 13

National Violin DayNationalDay of The HorseNational Cocoa DayPick A pathology Pal DayNational safety BirthdayPick a pathology Pal Day

December 14

National Alabama DayNational Bouillabaisse DayMonkey DayRoast Chestnuts Day

December 15

National Cupcake DayNational Lemon Cupcake DayNational Wear her Pearls DayBill of civil liberties DayCat Herders DayInternational Tea Day

National job of December that readjust each year

Some job of the year don’t have specific date that they autumn on in any type of given year. This days depend on the calendar for the current year. These are the work in the very first half of the month.


Giving Tuesday – Tuesday after ~ ThanksgivingWomen Wednesday – Wednesday ~ ThanksgivingWalt Disney work – (1st Mon.)World cheat Shot job – (1st Tues.)Special youngsters Day – (1st Wed.)Faux hair Friday – (1st Fri.)Bartender evaluation Day – (1st Fri.)Coats and Toys for children Day – (1st Sat.)National royal tree Vodka job – (1st Sat.)Skywarn acknowledgment Day – (1st Sat.)World Choral work – (2nd Sun.)Official Lost and also Found job – (2nd Fri.)National Salesperson job – (2nd Fri.)International Shareware day – (2nd Sat.)Hanukkah starts – December 10 – alters each yearCheck the end all the nationwide Days to celebrate in December at constantly The Holidays. #celebratenationaldays #nationaldays #decembernationaldays 🥂🍾🎅 Click to Tweet

National work of the Second half of December

Here we room at the fifty percent way mark. Has your favorite national day been listed yet? Don’t offer up. We have actually lots an ext fun in store. How around National Corn Fritters day or nationwide Hammock Day? Both room still to come!

December 16

Barbie and Barney Backlash DayStupid Toy DayBoston Tea Party DayDay the Reconciliation

December 17

National Maple Syrup DayWright brothers DayPan American Aviation Day

December 18

National Roast Suckling Pig DayNational Ham Salad DayNational Migrants DayNational twin DayAnswer The Telephone favor Buddy The Elf DayArabic Language DayFlake evaluation Day


December 19

National Oatmeal Muffin DayNational hard Candy DayNational Emo DayHolly DayLook because that An Evergreen Day

December 20

National Sangria DayMudd DayCathod beam Tube DayDot your I’s DayGames DayGo Caroling DaySacagawea DayInternational person Solidarity Day

December 21

National Maine DayNational French Fried Shrimp DayNational Homeless Person’s Memorial DayNational Look at the Bright side DayNational Coquito DayCrossword Puzzle DayHumbug DayRibbon candy DayForefathers DayPhileas Fogg victory A Wager Da

December 22

National day Nut Bread DayNational day Nut Bread day (also September 8)Abilities Day


December 23

National root DayNational Pfeffernusse DayFestivusHuman light DayForefathers job – December 22 (Unless ~ above it drops on Sunday, Then celebrated the following Monday)

December 24

National Eggnog DayChristmas EveLast Minute Shoppers Day

December 25

National Pumpkin Pie DayA’Phabet work or No “L” Day

December 26

National Thank-you keep in mind DayNational Whiner’s DayBoxing work (Canada and also the UK)


December 27

National Fruitcake DayMake cut out Snowflakes DayVisit the Zoo Day

December 28

National coco Candy DayNational Card playing DayNational short Film DayNational Download DayHoly Innocents DayPledge of Allegiance DayCall a girlfriend Day

December 29

National Pepper Pot DayTick Tock DayStill must Do Day

December 30

National Bicarbonate the Soda DayFalling Needles household Fest DayFestival that Enormous changes at the last Minute Day

December 31

National Champagne DayNo disruptions Day– Last work-related Day the the YearMake Up your Mind DayNew year EveOne Voice DayHogmanayUnlucky DayUniversal Hour that PeaceWorld peace Meditation Day

More nationwide Days that December that adjust each year

Some job of the year don’t have an exact date the they autumn on in any type of given year. This days depend on the calendar because that the present year.

National Re-Gifting Day– Thursday beforeChristmasNational Ugly Christmas pullover Day – (3rd Fri.)Underdog work – (3rd Fri.)Super Saturday – Saturday before December 25


National Days commemorated on the an initial day the Winter – December 21 this year.

Winter Solstice – Day in between December 20 and 23 – December 21 this yearNational Flashlight DayNational brief Story DayNational Kiwi Fruit DayAnne and Samantha DayDon’t Make your Bed DayNational Homeless PersonsYule – day of Winter SolsticeShort Girl appreciation Day

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Just for the foodies!

If you are a foodie, I have some special nationwide Day Calendars simply for you.

Each month has actually its very own list of Foodie nationwide days and also each month celebrates various food holidays. Here are some various other foodie national Day calendar that function only food holidays to honor with your favourite recipes:

More come come later!

National job Calendar Printables

If you favor to setup ahead, be sure to inspect out my monthly printable calendars. Each one features one national Day that I have featured. It’s good for planning handmade projects, recipes and also outdoor activities to honor the unique days.

For every my national Days Calendar printables check out these pages:

Monthly national Day Lists

December perform of nationwide Days – this page

Food nationwide Days that the Year

If your interest is just in celebrate days associated with food, be certain to have a look at these calendars.

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If you are searching for some impetus for discovering an ext about every the nationwide Days, be certain to inspect out myNational Days plank on Pinterest. It has actually lots the pins that cause articles about the topic.


Which space your favorite national day of December?

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