Delegates from every of the Thirteen nests met inPhiladelphia in the summer the 1776 to decide the casefor liberty. The goal to be to to convince the states that thetime had actually come for the United colonies to explain theirindependence from mom England.

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It to be an incredibly challenging time because that the young joined States. For much more than a year, an excellent Britain and also the Thirteen colonies had gone to war end the problem of "taxation without representation." The Colonies believed that their civil liberties were gift impeded through the British, who were levying counting upon them without their consent.

The conflict had easily escalated into an ext of one issuethan simply taxation, however, and also many of the colonies had started to think that theywere capable of administer themselves. They were persuaded that conference wasn"tlooking the end for their interests, proven by the reality that despite their population theColonies had not been allowed represent themselves in the brothers Legislature.

As a result, the 2nd Continental conference met in Philadelphia in June of 1776.Slightly more than a month later, the statements of freedom was proposed come theStates. John Hancock, the first signatory, was the only human to sign on July 4. Manyof the various other delegates would place their surname on the completed paper on august 2of that very same year. The last human being to sign, the brand-new Hampshire delegate MatthewThornton, endorsed the record on November 4, 1776.

The Lee Resolution


The Lee Resolution, additionally known together the resolution ofindependence, to be an plot of the second Continental Congressdeclaring the Thirteen swarms to be independent of the BritishEmpire. Richard Henry Lee that Virginia very first proposed that on June7, 1776. That is the earliest kind and breeze of the explanation ofIndependence.

The text of the Resolution stated:

Resolved, that these United nests are, and of rightto be, totally free and live independence States, that they areabsolved from every allegiance to the british Crown, andthat all political connection in between them and theState of good Britain is, and also ought to be, totallydissolved. That it is expedient forthwith to take it themost effectual procedures for forming foreign Alliances. That a setup ofconfederation it is in prepared and also transmitted to the respective nests for theirconsideration and also approbation.

The Committee the Five


From Left: i get it Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, cutting board Jefferson, john Adams, and also Robert Livingston

First draft of the explanation of Independence, presented by the Committee of Five

Early in the development, numerous delegates weren"t yet allowed to poll for independenceas the states had actually not however authorized lock to perform so. In the meantime, a group of menwere appointed to draft an official declaration, with hopes that the says would quickly bewilling to back the document when the was sent out to the crown in England.

On June 11, 1776, conference appointed a "Committee the Five", consists of man Adamsof Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, thomas Jefferson the Virginia,Robert R. Livingston of new York, and also Roger Sherman the Connecticut, to draft a declaration.

This statements committee activate from June 11,1776 till July 5, 1776, the work onwhich the Declaration to be published.

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The Committee that Five an initial presented the document to congress on June 28, 1776.