In the afternoon in 1994, the is obtaining late. Dede says goodbye come the interview woman just as Minou arrives. She claims that she to be at Fela's and also that Fela reported the sister "must ultimately be in ~ rest," because they won't come to possess her. Dede defines that they have been there with her all afternoon. Minou asks Dede, "I mean, you every were for this reason close, why didn't girlfriend go along with them?" and also Dede is once again transported right into the past.

One Sunday afternoon while Jaimito is in mountain Francisco v all 3 of their sons, Minerva, Patria, and also Maria Teresa salary Dede a surprised visit. She has end up being solitary and also feels together if Jaimito has become a "bossy, old-fashioned macho" who stops working to notification her unhappiness. In the fall, Patria request if she might bury part boxes in the cacao fields, but Jaimito refused, and Dede has actually been preventing her sisters ever before since. Now, castle report that "something big" is about to occur in less than three weeks, and Maria Teresa asks her to join their cell.

When Dede asks if Jaimito is likewise invited, Minerva to compare him come Enrique Mirabal, saying it is scared males like lock who have kept Trujillo in strength so long. They call her no to decide if she wants to sign up with them ideal at the moment, but to pertained to Patria's residence on Sunday if she desires to. Dede silently decides to leave Jaimito the following Sunday and also attend the meeting through her sisters. She has actually never really acquired over she unspoken love because that Lio—secretly one night she listened come him top top the radio.

As she plans she escape, Dede starts to worry around leaving she sons. Top top Friday, she asks Don Bernardo if she have the right to accompany him to Salcedo for this reason she have the right to go come church and also speak through Padre de Jesus around her fears. But Jaimito is suspicious, as well as furious that she is disobeying his wish that she no go. Nobody is in ~ the rectory as soon as she gets dropped off, so Dede safety the morning checking earlier every fifty percent hour and also wandering about the shops. Finally she watch a truck traction up with Padre de Jesus in it, yet recognizes the jaw boxes in it due to the fact that they look prefer those the Patria retained at her house. Realizing that Padre de Jesus is "one the them," and afraid the he will certainly encourage she to sign up with the revolutionaries, Dede flees.

Back at the house, Tinita tells her that Jaimito has gone to his mother's, Dona Leila's, house with the boys. Dede panics and goes to Chea Mirabal's home; Minerva, Maria Teresa, and also their husbands space there together well. Manolo and also Minerva drive Dede to her mother-in-law's residence in mountain Francisco, wherein they find Jaimito and his sons. Sensing the stress and anxiety in their marriage, Manolo says that Jaimito and also Dede "take a honeymoon somewhere nice." Thus, that weekend, the moment that she had meant to leaving her husband, i do not care a boring vacation for them both.

The next week, Leandro is arrested. At Mama's house, Maria Teresa speak Dede that the center had broken into their apartment and also ransacked it, acquisition Leandro away. Patria arrives, a complete wreck. Pedrito and Nelson have likewise been arrested, and their home has actually been torn apart and burned come the ground. When Dede it s okay in touch v Minerva, she repots that Manolo to be arrested the night before, too. A few days later, Minerva confesses come Dede the she has actually been diagnosed with tuberculosis and needs money come pay because that medications. But before Dede can carry them, Minerva is additionally taken to prison.

Dede and Jaimito are able come rebuild some stamin in their marriage in their effort to save her sisters. They journey over to Mama's home to call her the Minerva has been taken away, yet when they get there, Captain Pena is there to carry Maria Teresa to jail, too. In Mama's bedroom, Dede, Jaimito, Patria, Noris, and Chea pray before dissolving right into tears. That night together she lies in bed, Dede is tempted to run away, yet she convinces herself the she cannot. She plays the video game Minerva teach her when they were young, the one in which she concentrates on a happy memory.

The narrator corrects Dede's memory, clarifying the she go not discover the happy memory game until Minerva teach it to her, after she to be released native prison and also was living at Mama's. Dede access time every day and also argues through Minerva to continue to be home, because rumors space abuzz the Trujillo wants her killed. Yet when Dede cries, informing her sister she is going crazy worrying about her, Minerva teaches her the happy memory practice as a way to comfort herself.


Speaking to the interview woman, Dede addresses the theme of the role of women: "'Back in those days, we women complied with our husbands.' such a stunner excuse. ~ all, look at Minerva. 'Let's put it this way,' Dede adds. 'I adhered to my husband. I didn't get involved." She is aware that she is making use of it as an excuse because that not sustaining her sisters, something because that which she tho feels guilty.

As her 3 sisters come under the path, Dede supplies a simile the hearkens back to the conceit of life as a thread, picture that has actually been running v the novel: "It was together if the three fates to be approaching, their scissors poised to snip the knot the was maintaining Dede's life native falling apart." This sense of dread is also foreshadowing the future, in particular the untimely deaths that will certainly befall all three. After Minerva and Maria Teresa space taken far to prison in the capital, "Dede fought down the sob that twisted like a rope in her gut. She felt the if she let go, the whole inside of her would autumn apart." it is as if the rope of sorrow is holding her together.

Violent imagery permeates this chapter as well, drawing attention come the anxiety that hangs in the air for the Mirabal family. As soon as she greets her sister after avoiding them for weeks, Dede smiles—"Miss Sonrisa, armed v smiles." While her sisters space arming themselves v weapons, she pretends that she is happy. Together she scans her garden, the new bed wherein she has actually been functioning "was disturbing come see—among the created plantings—the life brown earth like a wound in the ground."

As a narrator, Dede's use of exclamation in this chapter mirrors her exasperation through her sisters and also her farming sense that panic. As soon as Maria Teresa asks her to sign up with their revolutionary cell, Dede states it is "As if they were inviting she to join a goddamn volleyball team!" This simile is meaningful because it was the volleyball game of your youth that first drew a heat in the sand in between Dede and also Jaimito and Minerva and Lio, the revolutionaries. When Minerva asks if Dede can take part money out of her share the the house and also lands in the future, therefore as no to have to borrow anything, Dede exclaims, "Too proud to simply plain ask because that help!"

Patria's battle to reconcile heaven and earth comes to a orgasm in this chapter as she breaks under on Mama's prior lawn. She tears up the grass native the ground around her, screaming. Dede gets down on she knees and also puts the ground ago in place, and "in a soothing voice, she reminded her sister of the confidence that had constantly sustained her." Dede leads Patria in reciting the Credo, helping her discover refuge in heaven once Pedrito, that connects her to earth, has actually been taken from her.

The layout of vessel is obvious at the finish of this chapter, as soon as Dede lies in bed tempted come "just let go," an interpretation to prevent trying to keep her sanity. But she speak herself the end of it, thinking, "Courage! It to be the very first time she had actually used that word come herself and understood exactly what that meant." because that Dede, it method staying solid for her family and not selfishly running away. Indeed, vessel is much needed in ~ a time when the authorities are cracking down quite successfully on her family. This is a high suggest of tension for her and for the narrative.

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