The finest thing about Dee Reynolds top top It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia is the she doesn’t play the “typical” woman role. As the only main character who likewise happens to be a woman, fans might expect Sweet Dee come be an ext delicate, innocent, or even reasonable than her off-the-wall male counterparts. Instead, Deandra Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) is simply as depraved together the rest.

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It’s always Sunny thrives on dark humor that’s so shocking that funny. Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Frank, and also Dee are constantly scheming methods to do money by lying, cheating, and also stealing. The corridor is constantly up come no great — and also it’s hilarious.

But at the start of the series, Dee virtually became a quite different kind of person. Olson made sure that no the case. If the network had actually stuck through their original plan, she wouldn’t have welcomed the role.

‘It’s always Sunny’ became a notoriously shameless comedy

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Plenty of sitcoms experimented through unlikable characters, like the original groundbreaking comedy Seinfeld. However, It’s constantly Sunny took selfishness and also egotism to the extreme with “The Gang” running the fictitious Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia.

Each episode, Dee and also her brother along with their 2 friends experimented with progressively bizarre schemes, like becoming addicted come crack, do the efforts to walk on welfare through pretending to it is in mentally handicapped, kidnapping, and also even trying out with cannibalism.

They face controversial worries head-on and never shy far from mentioning taboo topics. Dee is just one of the many brazenly immoral characters in the series.

Sweet Dee Reynolds was almost a entirely different character


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Fans love how Dee is just as funny and loathsome together her masculine co-stars. However, the initial vision for her character wasn’t together depraved as the Dee we know now.

“In the beginning, before Season 1, I almost didn’t take , because I was reading the scripts, and Dee to be the voice the reason, and they all were yes, really funny. Ns said, ‘With every due respect, I simply don’t desire to play the character. I don’t want to it is in the voice that reason,’” Olson recalls, follow to Yahoo.

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“It simply wasn’t what i was interested in doing. They said to me, ‘Look, we simply haven’t really composed for ladies that much, however we’ll figure it out.’ My an initial thought was, ‘Well, don’t create for a woman. Just write an additional funny character.’ I’ll do it female simply by not doing anything. I just am a woman. Don’t think about it as male or female.”

It all makes complete sense when you placed it that way. Thankfully, the writers were ~ above board with Olson’s vision.