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What deserve to make Brussels sprouts even better? I have actually two words: deep frying. Oh, yes! today we are taking Brussels sprouts and also bringing lock to next level by make deep fried Brussels sprouts and also dunking lock in a sweet and spicy maple aioli. Yum!


Okay. I know that Brussels sprouts deserve to be a difficult sell, however I love them and also cook castle frequently. I only have actually a couple of recipes ~ above the website so far, and that make me sad (I require more!), for this reason I have actually this recipe and another coming up in a pair of weeks.

I’ll heavy steam them, saute them, roast castle (a large favorite), and also FRY them. Oooh, deep fried sprouts.

I had actually these deep fried Brussels sprouts at a restaurant in town recently and LOVED them.

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There was no breading, simply sprouts and also oil, i beg your pardon seemed nearly too simple, but of course I had actually to shot it at home as shortly as I obtained the chance.