DAVID COVERDALE Looks back On DEEP PURPLE's 'Ugly' ROCK and also ROLL room OF fame Induction

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David Coverdale claims that "it was an obscenity" the ex-DEEP PURPLE guitarist Ritchie Blackmore wasn"t allowed to sign up with his previous bandmates in ~ the 2016 Rock and also Roll room Of Fame induction ceremony.

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Blackmore is a co-founder of DEEP PURPLE and also wrote plenty of of their most memorable riffs, including "Smoke ~ above The Water", yet he has not played through the group since his 1993 departure.

Asked by Loudwire if the has been in contact v Blackmore since the Rock Hall ceremony, Coverdale said: "It was yes, really ugly what walk down. Ns heard the their manager to be doing whatever he can to avoid Glenn <Hughes, ex-DEEP PURPLE bassist/vocalist> and I from making a speech. Jon Lord"s DEEP PURPLE keyboardist> daughter was no there, which us were surprised come see. But when lock turned around and refused to go after being announced together inductees if Ritchie Blackmore was allowed to attend, it was just a mockery, and also if friend heard mine speech, none would have actually been ~ above that stage without Ritchie. When I heard this, I called Ritchie and also I said, "Come v me." part of that didn"t offer a shit, but I said, "Come v me. We will certainly walk in together. Nobody is going come mess v you. I will take treatment of it." discovering him, that would have walked in v a fucking water pistol and started a fight. Yet it was an obscenity that he wasn"t there."

Coverdale added "I understand for a truth that DEEP PURPLE would certainly not have been DEEP PURPLE there is no Ritchie, Jon and also Ian <Paice, drums>. The was the beginning and it should always be."

Steve Morse effectively took over Blackmore"s slot in 1994 and also has due to the fact that been in DEEP PURPLE much longer than Ritchie.

Blackmore previously argued that PURPLE"s manager had blocked the from attending the Rock Hall induction ceremony, and also he used that together an forgive for no attending the event.

Despite Blackmore gift a no-show at Rock Hall, that was provided several shoutouts throughout the induction speeches the the DEEP PURPLE members in attendance. In addition, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich, who inducted DEEP PURPLE right into the institution, praised "Ritchie fucking Blackmore" for among the most memorable etc riffs of all time on "Smoke ~ above The Water".

DEEP PURPLE"s very first three lineups to be inducted right into the Rock Hall, including Blackmore, Paice, Lord, and also various singers and also bassists — Rod Evans; Ian Gillan and also Roger Glover; and Coverdale and also Hughes.

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