My husband has always been one avid outdoorsman and especially loves to deer hunt. The does not however love to dress up and go to Halloween parties. So this year he agreed to go when I said this couples costume. He might be the hunter and I would certainly be the deer he had been chasing. … read more

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After being together for over a year, we wanted to try something non-scary because that Halloween this year. ~ debating about a couples costume because that our 2nd Halloween with each other we finally settled on me gift a fox and him being a hunter. Really you might be any type of animal, but I decided to it is in a fox because … read more


My husband’s costume was straightforward as that had everything already, but the doe costume to be mine come make and I had actually a blast! I had actually to figure out just how to make the ear so ns trolled the stores searching for the perfect sort to convert and, surprisingly, no stores had actually ears other than for cat ear … review more


So my husband (Matt) and also I (Carrie) had made decision that the year before we didn’t really have actually a an innovative costume. So because that the following halloween us (or an ext me) began brainstorming ideas the summer before. ~ throwing out numerous ideas that didn’t appeal to my husbands masculine next (including cinderella and also prince charming) I thought … review more


It was that time that year again, Halloween. Mine boyfriend chris (19) just wanted come pass out candy and not dress up. I, Selena (16) did not think the was a great idea. I realized just how much camo we have, however yet we have actually never gone hunting. For this reason I offered it a believed for a couple … read more


We wanted to it is in something the you don’t watch every time girlfriend go the end for Halloween, yet we to be very limited on time and money, therefore we come up through something using items that we already owned. Ns was elevated in an area wherein deer hunting is a huge sport, so I believed it would certainly … read more

The hunters us just obtained a most the piece at Walmart or obtained camo garments from friends. Us wore a lot of orange, camo and anything bright you would wear in the woods . We carried tiny toy guns and also plastic knifes. One girl just wore black shorts then reduced up a camo tshit and also … review more

I pull on up together a deer and also my husband pull on up together a hunter. We placed a bulls eye top top his stomach and I carried around a plastic shoot gun. We got great compliments on our Homemade Deer hunting Costume and also people couldn’t protect against telling us how original the was!

This is exactly how we put together our Homemade Hunter and also Deer Halloween pair Costume Idea: Christmas reindeer antlers because that dogs because that our antlers. Consist of for a deers face. Brown shirts and also the fuzzy deer like fur jackets. Cartridge wounds on our chests with fake blood. Black color gloves for our hands because that hooves. Then us … check out more

My costume is a rugged hunter who has triumphantly shot and also killed a deer. Mine idea simply popped into my head one day and also I started assembling the pieces. I went ~ above eBay and also bought a stuffed pet deer (with antlers – a buck) the was nearly life-size. Then i took the end a many … check out more

This buck is at the very least a 10 pointer! The hunter is simply an accessory because that this fully Homemade Deer and Hunter Costume, complete with bullet wound top top chest.

We walk to a Halloween party every year and I am constantly at the critical minute trying to find something because he no to wear any costume whatsoever. The came home from a searching weekend right before party and also I had this idea that a Homemade Hunter and his “Dear” Costume. These are real deer … review more

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