Madison Sylvester, one 8th-grader at Saginaw White Pine center School, was operation over by a deer throughout a cross country invitational Saturday, Sept. 25, in ~ Delta College. (Photo and also permission native Josh Sylvester)

When she classmates song “Maddie gained run over by a reindeer” or as soon as the coach states the team is walking to shot to run sprints much faster than a frightened deer or when a girlfriend brings end a stuffed deer, Madison Sylvester can laugh.

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The 13-year-old Saginaw White jaw eighth-grader wasn’t laughing Saturday 1 ½ miles right into the Al Kayner Invitational in ~ Delta College.

“I observed the deer out of the corner of my eye,” Sylvester said. “I assumed it can go behind me. When it struggle me, i knew what happened. It was scary.”

There weren’t many giggles Saturday when an adult doe, weighing roughly 130 pounds, collided v Sylvester 1.5 miles into the 2-mile race, knocking her to the ground prior to running off.

“When that happened, everybody freaked out,” White pine cross nation coach Brian Wilson said. “I’ve viewed Facebook videos posted over the years of deer colliding v runners. Space those videos true? i don’t know.

“But ns do recognize it happens. It occurred to Madison. She bubbly, a an excellent student, a tough worker. Yet when the happened, she was in shock … disbelief.”

Her father, mockery Sylvester, is also a runner, together is she sister, Maegan, who was around 10 feet behind Madison when the collision happened.

“It could have to be ugly,” mockery Sylvester said. “The messed-up part is that they all witnessed it coming, consisting of her. Madison experienced it coming with the woods. She expected it to zig-zag. As soon as a deer it s okay scared, that starts the zig-zag stuff. However it didn’t. That barreled right over her.

“Her sister, Maegan, was trailing 10 feet behind and also saw the totality thing. Apparently, the deer fight her right in the side, knocked her off balance, climate picked her up and also threw her before running off.”

Maegan Sylvester and also a jogger from Midland Jefferson stopped to help. One adult supervisor come to help and called the other two runners to end up the race. Maegan finished the race and found she dad.


Maegan Sylvester, left, and also Madison Sylvester are runners ~ above the Saginaw White Pine center School cross nation team. Madison Sylvester collided v a deer, finishing her operation at Delta university Saturday, Sept. 25. (Photo and permission from Josh Sylvester)

“Maegan was simply hysterical,” mockery Sylvester said. “She had this look at on her confront that was scary. I began running. Ns told the coach, and we all had this deer-in-the-headlights look. It was scary because that that an initial hour or so.”

Sylvester was standing 5-foot tall and also weighs roughly 100 pounds. She to be no match for a sprinting deer. She asked to end up the race, but her father carried her the rest of the way.

“She’s not enabled to operation now, even though she wants to,” josh Sylvester said. “As soon as we gained home, she wanted to go to her soccer game, which was in 2 hours. The was a no. Climate she claimed she had to operation tomorrow. That was a no.

“I remained in panic mode as a parent. Ns told she she was going come be one of those rarely stories. It happens, as freaky together it might seem. However deer panic, as with we might panic. It’s great to check out her taking it lightly. That was mine concern. Are you walking to it is in the butt of everybody’s jokes or space you going to take it well? She’s taking it well.”

While deer-runner collisions room rare, it didn’t really surprised Josh Sylvester, that runs routinely in the Saginaw area.

“I view them every the time when I’m running,” mock Sylvester said. “We’re in your playground. This is their nation we’re running in. We’re just guests. Also on the nice, paved Saginaw sink Rail Trail, I’ll view them popular music up your heads and just look at me. Girlfriend get really close to them. The a matter of just keeping your distance.”

To add insult come injury, Madison Sylvester thought she was on her means to a personal record once the collision happened. She has, however, reached among her goals, with a an individual record the 14:40, which permits her to operation in the heritage PROM cross nation run Saturday, Oct. 3.

“Psychologically, it could slow her down,” mockery Sylvester said. “You can not say that you won’t think about it. It’s going come be among those things. Delta’s course has a lot of trees, so also if you try not come think around it, it’s going to placed your head on a swivel. That’s not how you’re trained as a runner. You put the blinders on.”

Madison Sylvester expects to acquire the all-clear gradually to run in the Oct. 30 race. The was one of her objectives this season.

“I’m probably going to be nervous,” Madison Sylvester said. “It’s something the we deserve to laugh around now, however when i’m racing again, ns going to it is in nervous.”

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