Carrot the Magic deer, has actually survived through an arrowhead sticking the end of his head in Ontario.Lee-Anne Carver
Oh deer.

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A photo shows an unfazed deer through an arrow sticking the end of his head in Canada.

Wildlife photographer Lee-Anne Carver called The Guardian she’s checked out the whitetail buck close to her house in the city the Kenora, northern Ontario, for the previous three years.

The animal, who she called Carrot, is “very gentle and affectionate,” she said.

But last week Carver’s husband noticed that a black arrow with bright environment-friendly fletching had actually impaled Carrot’s head.

When Carver went the end to investigate, Carrot appeared to act like nothing to be wrong, she told the paper.

“It was an extremely disturbing to see,” Carver said. “But he was still acting choose his common self.”

Though neighborhood officials have actually promised Carver they i will not ~ euthanize Carrot, conservation officers and hunters say removing the arrow may be an ext harmful than advantageous — together it is likely staying clear of bleeding, according to the report.

Extracting it can reopen the wound and lead come infection, specialists told the Guardian.

“It’s really disturbing,” Carver said. “I want to placed my hand the end there and also grab it and also say, ‘There, I solved you, Carrot.’ but that’s not possible.”

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Lee-Anne Carver
Lee-Anne Carver
But a promising development came top top Wednesday, when officials native the Ontario ministry of organic Resources and Forestry and also the Ontario Provincial Police controlled to reduced off the height of the bolt, very close come the deer’s head, Carver composed on a on facebook page dubbed “Carrot the Magic Deer” — which has attracted 1,181 followers.

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The bottom portion of the bolt was no cut, however “the great news is, if healing happens together suspected, the arrowhead will slide the end freely and also eventually,” Carver wrote.

“He is no ‘better,’ despite you cannot check out the bolt coming out of the top of his head anymore,” she wrote. “There is a hazard for infection but again, should every little thing go together planned, he will heal and also the remainder of the bolt will discover its means out.”