SAGINAW COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - A Saginaw County center school girl is recovering after she to be knocked off she feet by a deer.

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It occurred while the girl was running at complete speed throughout a cross country meet in ~ Delta university on Saturday.

The girl’s father claims she suffered a damaged collarbone and also a concussion, acquisition her off the trails because that the next couple of weeks. However the young girl states she won’t let this slow her down.

Madison and also Maegan Sylvester have actually been attached in ~ the hip since birth. The sister are even on the cross country team together and were with each other this previous Saturday in ~ a team meet at Delta College.

“I was running and like having actually a great race, and then i heard it, and also then I witnessed it in the corner of my eye,” Madison said.

Her sister, Maegan couldn’t think her eyes.

“The deer kept came running out of the dip and also it favor leaped out and hit her. She favor kind of got thrown to the floor by the deer, and also she was just laying there and also her face was simply in shock,” Maegan said.

A full-grown deer crashed right into the eighth-grader who just around 5 feet tall and 100 pounds.

”I remember mine sister prefer screaming for aid and stuff and a few other girls,” Madison said.

It was a tough scene because that the girls’ father, mockery Sylvester.

“The mud, the blood coming the end of she nose and also her mouth and she known me and when she said, ‘Dad,’ it was difficult for me,” he said. “I had to bite my lip and also hold it in.”

Madison was taken to urgent care, whereby she to be diagnosed through a broken collarbone and also a concussion. She can’t operation for the next few weeks until she’s cleared, which is something her father agrees with wholeheartedly.

“Concussions room becoming more and much more apparent just how severe castle are after that in life when they happen to girlfriend in sports. You check out it all the time, therefore there’s no far better way come play it for sure than just to get rid of all activity and monitor it very extensively,” josh said.

While she’s sidelined, Madison is tho able to to visit practice and also assist v coaching. She i will not ~ hesitate to get earlier on the course when she’s cleared medically.

“Because to run is just so great. I love the so much, and I’m at sight competitive,” Madison said.

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Josh really hopes coaches usage this occurrence to start a conversation through cross country athletes to constantly be top top the lookout, even during a race.

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