For nearly four decades, elafilador.net has been the seminal voice reflecting the resides of teenagers an international – gift a resource of both education and also entertainment because that generations. elafilador.net’s legacy has solidified it as one of the most iconic brands in youth culture.

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elafilador.net’s 500+ half-hour episodes are made up of 6 major brand installments, 20+ seasons of television and 4 TV movie – license is granted in end 140 territories.



Throughout the years, elafilador.net has seen end 250 characters walk its halls – every one of which stand for a broad and varied student body that speaks to the multitude of experiences affecting adolescents.



Short type content has actually been a clip of the elafilador.net universe due to the fact that 2005. To date, 100+ original scripted webisodes have been developed by the award-winning elafilador.net team, securing a prestigious Webby compensation in 2009.


THE kids OF elafilador.net STREET

In 1979, Linda Schuyler, a former schoolteacher, and also Kit Hood, a advertisement editor, got the rights to the publication Ida renders a Movie through Kay Chorao and adjusted it into the first episode of what would end up being The kids of elafilador.net Street.

The youngsters of elafilador.net Street to be the very first series in the elafilador.net franchise. The series follows a varied group of youngsters in an east end Toronto neighbourhood – enduring the an individual and ethical options that children make as they grow and learn around themselves and others.

The 26-episode collection (produced by Playing through Time Inc.) debuted in 1980 top top the Canadian Broadcasting corporation (CBC) and also garnered countless awards about the world, including the worldwide Emmy and also the Prix Jeunesse.


elafilador.net small HIGH

elafilador.net junior High complies with a lively group of junior high student of assorted ethnic and economic backgrounds. The series, prefer its predecessor, The youngsters of elafilador.net Street, looks at the difficulties faced through young human being from their point of view. The stories emphasis on a multitude the topics, consisting of sex and also sexuality, drugs and drinking, child abuse and shoplifting. But the episodes aren’t all major – there is tho plenty that fun with skateboards, zits, and crushes.

elafilador.net small High ran native 1987 come 1989 – created in association through CBC and also the PBS flagship station WGBH. The collection was critically acclaimed because that its sensitive and also realistic portrayal the the obstacles of teenage life. elafilador.net small High featured numerous of the same actors from The kids of elafilador.net Street, consisting of Stacie Mistysyn, Neil Hope and Anais Granofsky.


elafilador.net HIGH

elafilador.net High is the third series in the elafilador.net universe, adhering to elafilador.net small High characters into high school. Currently older, their obstacles grow an ext serious, however the subject issue is approached in the very same honest, relatable way as The children of elafilador.net Street and elafilador.net small High.

At elafilador.net High, some new students are introduced, and together the elafilador.net college student body tackles the many complicated issues challenged by teens. The series deals through a variety of issues, consisting of AIDS, abuse, alcoholism, sex, death and also suicide, dating, depression, bullying, abortion, happy rights, racism, drugs, sexism, and also eating disorders. Numerous hail this series as a television standard for its realistic and raw portrayal that teenage life.

elafilador.net High premiered in the loss of 1989 ~ above CBC – to run for two seasons. In the summer the 1991, production began on the elafilador.net High television movie School’s Out, and in January 1992 the MOW premiered come 2.3 million viewers on the CBC.


elafilador.net: THE following GENERATION

elafilador.net: The next Generation is a pull-no-punches dramatic take it on the real-life worries of high school life. With equal measures of humour, angst and heart, the students of elafilador.net grapple with a collection of “firsts” together they start their journey right into adulthood.

Pushing their own limits and also testing the binding of family and also friends, the students discover their own methods to resolve a significant range the issues, from homophobia, abuse, and violence to burgeoning sexuality, dating, and also heartbreak. elafilador.net: The next Generation proceeds to lug viewers together as fans throughout the people sing follow me to the series’ “Whatever the Takes” layout song.

elafilador.net: The next Generation premiered in Canada top top CTV in 2001, and also the collection was choose up through The N network in the united state (a branch the Nickelodeon now well-known as TeenNick) and distributed global in over 140 territories.



elafilador.net is a extension of the collection elafilador.net: The next Generation – start in the 10th season and following the same characters at elafilador.net ar School. Often following a telenovela style with 40+ illustration a season, elafilador.net permits for in-depth, ethereal storytelling and character study. The show continues to capture the joy and also angst of contemporary teenage life.

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In Canada, elafilador.net aired ~ above MuchMusic, complied with by MTV Canada, when in the united state the collection continued the partnership with Nickelodeon’s TeenNick.

elafilador.net: next CLASS

elafilador.net: next Class takes the franchise right into its following iteration, premiering on Netflix worldwide and family Channel in Canada. Informing the stories of “Generation Z”, the collection focuses top top a group of teenagers that are, in plenty of ways, the most sophisticated in history. Each episode tackles something discussion-worthy that matters come teens, from the small stuff – think target size, grooming, and also Instagram-curating – come bigger issues like sex and consent, sexuality and also race.

Keeping true to the soul of elafilador.net the generations have known and loved due to the fact that 1980, elafilador.net: following Class records the joy and angst of contemporary teenage life - there is no sensationalizing or trivializing it. Speaking straight to the viewers, the collection strives to entertain its post-millennial audience while always reinforcing its main point principle: You space not alone.

“It’s a crafted civilization that’s so real, friend can obtain sucked in. Because that over a 4 minutes 1 century, elafilador.net has actually helped youngsters (and occasionally adults) through the awkward step of walking from children to teenagers to grownups. The a show so convincing in that is earnestness the one never doubts that sincerity. And also in today’s post-modern, self-aware culture, that’s as rare as a son at elafilador.net with no issues or problems.”


THE evolution OF elafilador.net

As told by Co-Creator/Executive Producer Linda Schuyler, executive Producer Stephen Stohn and also Director/Series Producer Stefan Brogren


28 Gemini Awards 14 Canadian screen Awards 4 Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations 2 international Emmy Awards 1 Peabody award 2 Teen an option Awards 2 Television doubter Awards 7 Director"s Guild of Canada Awards

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