Tractors resurface the track an hour prior to the first race reserved Friday at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

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Del Mar had actually the an initial horse fatality the its summer season once a 3-year-old filly experienced a catastrophic injury after completing a four-furlong work on Saturday morning.

Lovely Lilia to be pulled up in ~ the perfect of the workout on the key track and vanned off. Veterinarians established that she can not recover from the unspecified injury and was euthanized. The injury developed shortly prior to 5 a.m.

Vladimir Cerin was the trainer of the Kentucky-bred filly, who had actually run 7 races, four this year, v two wins. She had $37,551 in earnings.

The Del Mar track has been open up for training the critical 14 days and has carried out 1,124 workouts, including Lovely Lilia on Saturday. The track to be conducting its 2nd day of live gyeongju on Saturday afternoon.


In emergency meeting, the California steed Racing Board established Los Alamitos race Course must deal with its boost in steed deaths within 10 days.

Del Mar has a current reputation the being among the safest tracks in the united States. Critical year at the summer meeting, it had no gyeongju deaths and also four in training. Two of those in training to be the an outcome of a freak accident in i beg your pardon two horses collided in the morning.

In the shorter fall meeting, over there were 3 racing deaths and also two in training.

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On Friday, the California steed Racing Board put Los Alamitos on a 10-day probationary duration to come up through a plan after a spike in deaths at the Orange ar track. There have actually been 20 racing and also training deaths at Los Alamitos due to the fact that Dec. 27, consisting of eight because May 26.