Delaware ar registered voters have the right to vote in every election making use of a vote-by-mail ballot, i m sorry will allow them to cast their ballot through mail, at any kind of of the 40+ secured ar ballot autumn box situated in municipalities throughout Delaware County, or in-person in ~ the Delaware County bureau of Election’s Voter organization Center located at the government Center building in Media, PA.

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There space two species of vote-by-ballots: the classic absentee ballot, and the no-excuse mail-in ballot. Voters deserve to request either ballot type.

Important details and deadlines are listed on this page.


Important Vote-by-Mail Deadlines

Vote-by-Mail Ballot inquiry Deadline: Applications for mail-in ballots and absentee ballots need to be obtained by Delaware County bureau of vote no later than 5:00 p.m. Top top Tuesday, October 26.

Ballot Returns: perfect vote-by-mail ballots have to be got by the bureau of vote no later than 8:00 p.m. On choice Day, Tuesday, November 2.


Note! before you can actors a vote-by-mail ballot, be sure that you are registered to vote. Visit our Voter Registration page for details.

In Pennsylvania, occupants must register to poll no later than 15 days prior to the election. If you are not at this time registered, you have until Monday, October 18, 2021, to it is registered for the 2021 general Election. The registration procedure can be excellent online, by mail, or in-person at our Voter company Center. If you room not certain if you room registered, use the digital Voter Registration status Check.

Apply because that a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Online

If you space a registered voter, visit the Pennsylvania Ballot Request applications page. Indigenous this page you can complete an online application.

Apply because that a Vote-by-Mail Ballot through a file Application

You deserve to download and print a mail-in ballot application or absentee ballot application:

Mail-in Ballot Applications:

applications for Mail-in Ballot (English) applications for Mail-in Ballot (Spanish) applications for Mail-in Ballot (Vietnamese) applications for Mail-in Ballot (Chinese Simplified) applications for Mail-in Ballot (Chinese Traditional)

Absentee Ballot Applications:

application for Absentee Ballot (English) applications for Absentee Ballot (Spanish) application for Absentee Ballot (Vietnamese) application for Absentee Ballot (Chinese Simplified) application for Absentee Ballot (Chinese Traditional)

Mail your completed mail-in ballot applications or absentee ballot application to the bureau of Elections:

Delaware County bureau of Elections2501 Seaport Dr. Suite BH120Chester, PA 19013

Apply for a Vote-by-Mail Ballot In-Person

You deserve to visit our Delaware County office of vote Voter business Center to request a mail-in ballot application or absentee ballot application in person.

In addition, if girlfriend successfully finish the applications on-site, you will have the option of instantly receiving her ballot and submitting your voted ballot in ~ the Voter business Center, or acquisition it v you to return at a later on time (either by mail, in ~ the Voter service Center, or at a Delaware county Ballot fall Box). This option will be available in the weeks prior to the November 2 election Day.

Canceling your Vote-by-Mail Ballot and also Permanent Status

If you great to no much longer receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the upcoming choice you can submit this type to publication the request and instead poll in-person on choice Day.

Please note: If you choose to receive an annual application come vote-by-mail, this kind will discontinue these automatically mailings and cancels her “permanent status”. If you send this form, you will have to reapply come vote-by-mail for future elections.

Delaware County residents should return the type to the choice Department’s attend to in Chester, PA.

2501 Seaport DriveSuite BH120Chester, PA 19013-2267

inquiry to cancel Vote-by-Mail Ballot Form


All mail-in ballot applications are processed by the Delaware County office of Elections. Handling time varies. Inspect the status of your mail-in ballot application using the choice Ballot Status inspect tool. As soon as you get your ballot, evaluation the materials.

Mark your ballot, adhering to instructions had with the ballot.

Once you have actually filled out your mail-in ballot, location it in the secrecy envelope and also then put the secrecy envelope right into the main envelope. Be sure to sign the declaration, or her ballot may not count!

VOTE-BY-MAIL election BALLOT standing CHECK

Delaware County voter can examine the status of their vote-by-mail ballot application through the Pennsylvania room of State"s election Ballot status tool.


Important Reminders! Return the a ballot by anyone other than the voter is prohibited unless the person returning the ballot is rendering help to a disabled voter or one emergency absentee voter. Such aid requires a explanation signed by the voter and by the human rendering assistance. This form is detailed below. It can be it is registered in-person in ~ a Voter business Center.

Whether you are returning her ballot by mail, ballot fall box, or in-person at the Voter organization Center, you re welcome be sure to location your voted mail-in/absentee ballot in the secrecy ballot provided to you, seal it, and also then ar this envelope in ~ the larger return envelope. Then fill out, sign, and also date the explanation on the external of the return envelope. If your ballot is mailed without the secrecy envelope or your return envelope is no signed her vote will not it is in counted.

third Party Ballot distribution for mail Voting Form

Returning her Mail-In/Absentee Ballot through Mail

The main mail-in ballot and also absentee ballot return envelope is self-addressed and also postage-paid, requiring no additional steps or prices to mail it using the United states Postal Service. Simply location the envelope in your common mail pickup repository, any USPS Drop crate (aka, a blue box), lug it to a USPS article Office for processing, or have actually USPS choose up your ballot like any kind of other parcel because that no charge (all ballots room self-addressed, and also postage paid). If you selected to usage a for-profit mail-delivery service, please examine with that carrier come determine hours of operation, distribution timeframes, and feasible costs.

You can also choose to usage an alternate mail carrier, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. Visit the carrier’s website for more information regarding deliverability and feasible charges.

USPS | FedEx | UPS | DHL

Vote-by-mail ballots have to be got by the ar by 8 p.m. Civilian ballots cast in the united States obtained after 8:00 p.m. On election Day, Tuesday, November 2—regardless of postmark—cannot be counted. However, military and also overseas voters’ ballots deserve to be received through Tuesday, November 9.

Returning your Mail-In Ballot or Absentee Ballot at a Delaware county Ballot drop Box

Mail-in ballots and also absentee ballots have the right to be went back to the Delaware County bureau of poll through any kind of Delaware ar Ballot fall Box. Vote-by-mail ballots have to be placed in a certain ballot drop crate by 8:00 p.m. On election Day, Tuesday, November 2. Postage is no required.

Returning her Mail-In Ballot or Absentee Ballot in ~ the bureau of poll Voter company Center in Media

Mail-in ballots and also absentee ballots deserve to be returned to the Delaware County bureau of poll Voter organization Center. Vote-by-mail ballots cast at a Voter business Center must be received by 8:00 p.m. On choice Day, Tuesday, November 2.


In emergency situations (such together an unexpected condition or disability and also last-minute absence) following the deadline at 5 p.m. On the Tuesday prior to the election, you deserve to request an Emergency Absentee Ballot.

Emergency Absentee Ballot inquiry Form

The deadline come submit your Emergency Absentee Ballot applications to the County election Office is 8:00 p.m. On choice Day, Tuesday, November 2.

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If you space unable to pick up and/or return her emergency absentee ballot yourself, this type allows you come authorize a representative to perform it because that you. The voter or authorized representative should return this kind and the ballot to the County bureau of vote by 8:00 p.m. On choice Day, Tuesday, November 2.

Authorized Representative for Emergency Absentee Ballot Form


To register to vote and/or apply for an absentee ballot together a army or civilian abroad voter, girlfriend can finish the Federal article Card application (FPCA). Return the signed kind by: