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Average straight flight time3 hrs 51 minsCheapest direct return flight$150Flights every week987Airlines that fly direct
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You can travel come Dominican Republic ideal now, and also there's most likely no have to quarantine when you arrive, or after her return home. We shot to be as exact as possible here, but things can change fast. Check our live COVID-19 map because that Dominican Republic travel restrictions and also sign up because that updates to obtain the recent info.
The average flight time in between United States and also Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic's capital), is 5 hours and also 33 minutes. This has been calculated based on journeys departing from Washington.
Qatar Airways, jetBlue, American Airlines, Emirates, Delta, United, KLM and also British Airways all fly non-stop come Dominican Republic.
We crunched part numbers and also found the the cheapest month to fly to Dominican Republic is currently January 2022.

Flying to Dominican Republic

The things to know prior to you go.

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3 hrs 51 mins

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Qatar Airways

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Since 1492 the Dominican Republic has been a ar of mystery and intrigue, a faraway floor of tall trees and blue seas. Pirates and also smugglers have made their house in the rocky coves of the island against the background of fierce wars between the an excellent European powers. Nowadays it’s much an ext sedate: a arising democracy that an ext than 4 million tourist visit every year.

Flights to the Dominican Republic

The main point of entrance for travellers is Punta Cana international Airport (PUJ). Punta Cana handles an ext than 5 million passengers every year and is both the busiest airport in the country and second-busiest in the entire Caribbean. The serves together a hub because that local and international travel, with direct connections to plenty of foreign airports and also other Dominican cities.

The resources Santo Domingo is offered by ras Américas worldwide Airport (SDQ), which offers connections to Paris, Madrid, the United states of America, and local airports. If you looking come travel additional afield, ten various other airports scattered across the nation serve both local and tourist passengers.

Things to perform in the Dominican Republic:

Everywhere you walk in the Dominican Republic, its soul reaches out to greet you. The serene fishing towns tucked right into lagoons, the thump that meringue spilling out of city-corner cafes, and also the currently crumbling remains of colonial style all hold a clue come the magic that this place.

Visit the colonial Quarter because that premier purchase experiences, however don’t forget to haggle. If you’re trying to find a an ext laid-back vibe, examine out lid Cana, a gated residential community and tourist resort. The resort has actually world-class golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, 5 star hotels providing every feasible luxury come the weary traveler and also miles of pristine white beaches.

Advice because that Tourists Visiting The Dominican Republic

High season right here runs native December through April, when the weather is dry and the heat is eased by trade winds. The official hurricane season operation from June through November. In addition to usual vaccinations, inoculations for typhoid and also hepatitis A space advised if you setup to travel to remote locations of the country outside of tourist resorts.

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Visitors native the US, Canada, and the EU perform not require a visa come visit, yet you will need to buy a Tourist card ($10 USD) at your point of entry or online. The national currency is the Dominican Peso (DOP), however American dollars are widely accepted throughout the country.

Areas top top the nationwide power grid external of the airports and also resorts battle with outages, and the capital can it is in dark in ~ night. There is extensive poverty, and also common sense need to be used when travelling through the country. Our complimentary hotel price to compare tool

is a good way to discover gorgeous accommodation at a good price, so provide it a shot and watch what friend discover.