A facebook scam and online survey-scam fraudulently claims that Delta wait Lines is providing away 2 complimentary tickets to everyone to celebrate your 88th anniversary. The location of the write-up says “Delta Airline is giving 2 free Tickets to EVERYONE! come celebrate 88th Anniversary!” However, this is not true; Delta air Lines is not providing away 2 cost-free tickets come celebrate your anniversary.

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Delta Airline is offering 2 complimentary Tickets come EVERYONE! to celebrate 88th Anniversary!www.deltairtickets2017.com

The scam uses fake Delta Air facebook pages and also websites in order to seem legit to some people. The cheat asks your targets to share a short article on Facebook, form “Thanks #Delta Airline!” in the comment field, and also like a facebook page linked with the cheat or advocated by the scam.



You have actually been selected to take component in our brief survey to obtain 2 cost-free Delta Airline Tickets! we only have 332 Tickets continuing to be so rush up!

Sending her answer to Delta Airline.com…

Analyzing your answers…

Congratulations! You won 2 free tickets in ~ Delta Airline!

Step 1

Share this page by clicking “SHARE” switch and form “Thanks #Delta Airline!” in the comments field!

Step 2

Click Like

Verifying steps

The article will direct targets the the scam to a website such as deltairtickets2017.com that contains certain questions and instructions and text that states Congratulations! You won 2 cost-free tickets at Delta Airline!”


Once the measures are perfect the target will then be directed to a new website such as surveysandpromotionsusa.com that consists of a never-ending survey. The survey cannot be completed and also is essentially designed come phish an individual information the target manually submits (such together phone numbers, addresses, billing information, and also more).

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If friend come throughout a write-up on on facebook that claims “Delta Airline is giving 2 totally free Tickets come EVERYONE! come celebrate 88th Anniversary!” make certain to ignore it or tell your friend the it is a scam. Re-superstructure this web page to notify the person that they will not actually receive 2 totally free tickets.