You may have actually seen a attach surfacing throughout your on facebook news feed promising two cost-free tickets for Delta wait Lines flights.

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The link cases that if girlfriend fill the end a fast survey, share the connect to your Facebook web page with the hashtag "Thanks Delta wait Lines," and also like the page, friend will gain two complimentary tickets in honor the airline"s 33rd anniversary.

First red flag-- the airline has actually been approximately since 1924, therefore it"s long past that milestone.

If girlfriend didn"t choose up on that and also still regulated to click the link, it will certainly take you to a website that has no link to Delta waiting Lines main website.

You will certainly then be asked come fill-out a fast survey, questioning if you"ve ever before traveled exterior of the U.S. Before, why you choose Delta waiting Lines and if you space satisfied with the service.

After friend fill the end the survey, you will be asked come share the link and also like the page, but you never get the cost-free tickets.

When you come across this problem and also want to contact the server, over there is no way to actually do so.

There is a contact switch on the peak of the fake website, however it"s not an actual link, i beg your pardon is a common method scammers can trick people.

If girlfriend did share the link, make certain to delete the short article from your page and unlike it instantly to protect against others from being tricked into this cheat too.

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Every time you share a fake link or favor a fake page, scammers deserve to profit off of it and also collect data.

When airlines do have sweepstakes, on rare occasion, just trust the legitimacy if it originates from the main website or Facebook web page that is confirmed with a blue badge beside the name.

Most sweepstakes will have actually official "terms and conditions" noted on the link.

Be certain to never submit an individual information online before confirming the legitimacy that the sweepstakes v the company or organization hosting it.

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