Ten airlines and their affiliatesserve Salt Lake City worldwide Airport(SLC): AeroMexico, Alaska Airlines, American,Delta wait Lines, Frontier, JetBlue, KLM royal Dutch Airlines, SkyWest, Southwest and United. SLC is a majorhub because that Delta air Lines with about 70 percent of complete traffic. The airport offered 26,808,014 passenger in 2019, and also 12,559,026 in 2020. SLC ranking 21st busiest in the phibìc America and 70th busiest airport in the human being in regards to passenger numbers. The airport has a strongon-time performance record. In 2018, SLCDA"s Fleet Department put 36th in the awards for best 100 Fleets in phibìc America. There were 337,276 operations (take-offs and landings) in 2018 including commercial air traffic, cargo, basic aviation and military activity. Delta air Linesoffers non-stop organization from Salt Lake City come Amsterdam, London, Paris and also Toronto. There space approximately370 scheduled, advertisement departures from SLC each day, serving close to 98 cities v non-stop flights. Irradiate rail, TRAX, offer Salt Lake City international Airport. SLC is a room of Salt Lake City Corporation; however, that is an enterprise fund. Plane revenue is generated from user fees. No neighborhood taxpayer dollars add to the airport"s operation. SLC is the receiver ofmany worldwide awards because that excellence in snow and ice removal. There are 4 runways at SLC. Three air transport runways and also one general aviation runway. The airport facility is comprised of one terminal, 2 concourses and 66 gateways (46 contact gates and 19 temporary, hardstand gates). The plane offers free wireless internet accessibility and has actually an interactive language translation service – “Language Line." The airplane is located about 15 minutes from the Salt royal residence Convention Center and also downtown hotels. Ten major ski resorts are within an hour"s drive of SLC. Over there is convenient access from the plane to five national and also 42 state parks. The airplane is a gateway come 100 golf process statewide, 24 in Salt Lake County and 26 much more within an hour’s drive, consisting of the world famous Alpine process in the surrounding Wasatch Mountains.

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