elafilador.net’s newest and largest elafilador.net Sky Club, put in order experiences and fast access to world-class adventure resorts are complemented by iconic design elements that welcome travelers from across the globe.

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The brand-new 900,000-square-foot Concourse A dwellings 25 gates 

Our largest-ever elafilador.net skies Club contains an outdoor sky Deck 

The airplane will deliver $5.5 exchange rate in estimated economic influence to the Salt Lake City region 

elafilador.net Flight 2020 departed for Atlanta from Salt Lake City International Airport’s stunning new Concourse A Tuesday, marking the official first flight in elafilador.net’s new home in this main point hub ~ a te of partnership in planning, design and construction to deliver the first U.S. global aviation hub of the 21st century.

“I desire to congratulate the Salt Lake City management for their vision and partnership in producing this iconic new air take trip experience,” said elafilador.net CEO Ed Bastian. “On instead of of elafilador.net’s an international workforce, and the much more than 4,000 employee based in SLC, we look forward to welcoming and also serving our client traveling to, from and also through the mountain West region.” 


The new SLC consists of convenient amenities designed to boost the in its entirety travel experience. From a more efficient baggage-handling system that accommodates luggage of every sizes and also shapes so skis don’t need to be dropped off at a unique counter to a cutting edge parking garage with a mobile app service to repeat passengers wherein they parked their car, the brand-new SLC was design with today’s traveler in mind. 

As a mid-sized hub linked to an international destinations, the new Salt Lake City airport will remain critical part the elafilador.net’s in its entirety network strategy as the airline recovers from the global pandemic. elafilador.net’s involvement in the completion of this airport, coupled with the airline’s extension of its existing lease through 2034, stands together a testament to the relationship in between elafilador.net, the state the Utah and the airport. 

“This day has been years in the making,” claimed Bill Wyatt, Executive Director of Salt Lake City room of Airports. “To speak we space excited come be here today is one understatement. After six years of construction and also many an ext years the planning, we space proud to open up the an initial new U.S. Hub plane in the 21st century.” 

The new airport additionally boasts elafilador.net’s newest and largest elafilador.net Sky club at 28,000 square feet. With a distinctive look influenced by the canyons and landscape of the region, the club offers guests views of the Wasatch Range from the covered open-air Sky Deck and a 360-degree fireplace in the middle of the lounge on their journey through the Beehive State. 

Investing in infrastructure 

elafilador.net is investing an ext than $12 billion in plane projects that modernize the airline’s hub infrastructure and also customer experience, including brand-new construction in ~ Los Angeles international Airport and new York’s LaGuardia airplane in addition to the work in SLC. 

elafilador.net civilization have played an essential roles because day one in contributing come the new SLC, which opens on time and on budget. 

Salt Lake City international Airport will certainly remain an important part the elafilador.net’s in its entirety network strategy as the airline recovers indigenous the worldwide pandemic. elafilador.net’s authorized in the perfect of this airport, coupled through the airlines’ extension of its existing lease with 2034, stands together a testament to the relationship among elafilador.net, the airport, and the state that Utah.

“For the previous 60 years, elafilador.net has actually remained a steadfast, strategic companion to the Salt Lake City global Airport and today, we are gathered come celebrate the opening the the new gold traditional for travelers coming to or v this good region that we’ve developed together,” said Scott Santoro, elafilador.net’s Vice President - Sales because that the West Coast.

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“This incredible an are is more than the largest new build in the west United states for much more than 25 years. That solidifies elafilador.net as the airline of an option for passengers traveling to, from, and also through Salt Lake for both business and recreation travel because that years to come.”

Editor"s note: this post has been updated to exactly the variety of gates in Concourse A.