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Tips to do the most of her Graduation Visit

Fort Benning basic cultivate graduation ceremonies take ar nearly every Thursday and Friday morning ~ above Inouye Field adjacent to the national Infantry Museum. Loved ones take trip from across the country to angry this milestone in your Soldier’s life. If you space visiting the museum ~ above graduation day, setup to attend the U.S. Army ceremony. The is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Graduation Time:April – September: 9am. October – march 10am. Graduation time and also location space subject to adjust based ~ above weather conditions. Please examine prior come arrival.

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It is recommended the you come at least 30-45 minutes before the Graduation ceremony begin time. Please allow yourself time for parking so girlfriend don’t miss out on the start of the ceremony and are maybe to gain music indigenous the MCoE Band! The museum offers complimentary parking for guests. The parking lot of is large, and there is overflow parking adjacent for exceptionally liven days. Security police officers will be on-site to assist direct girlfriend to obtainable parking spaces. Plenty of guests walk to the stadium however you can additionally use the tram organization provided.

Security Check: Bags bigger than 11” x 6” x 15” room not allowed inside the museum or ~ above the museum campus. Bag checks and wand scans will certainly be performed to certain guest safety.

Pet Policy: Pets are not allowed in the museum or by the stadium. Pets can not be left within of vehicles ~ above the premises. Please do arrangements for your pets prior to graduation morning. Certified Service pets are allowed.

Concessions: The Rally point Canteen is open up inside the museum lobby. Cash and Credit/Debit cards space accepted.

Soldier Photos: Families can purchase a picture of your Soldier. You re welcome visit the vendor booth inside the museum.

​Making Memories critical a Lifetime! Professionally produced, high-resolution 4K video of her Soldier’s graduation is easily accessible for purchase.

Visit our NIM Store to preorder your Soldier’s graduation video! after ~ completing purchase you will certainly be educated by email when video is obtainable for download, if the is not accessible at the time of purchase. Only $29.95.

Videos will certainly be easily accessible for download the following Friday after the graduation consciousness (7 to 8 days). Visit our NIM time at the graduation ceremony if friend need help placing her order.

​When possible, the museum will take image during and also after most graduations, consisting of one an extremely special firm photo. There is no fee for these ph

otos; you can download them by visiting our NIM Store page and also selecting the photograph link. We additionally offer a wide range of gifts and also prints accessible for purchase.Live Streaming on our Facebook will begin at 9am or 10am based upon the time that year. Be certain to choose our on facebook page and make sure the live stream an alert is checked. You should be educated when the live streaming begins or check her newsfeed. The video will be posted on our Facebook web page after the ceremony. This is a an excellent option for family members and friends to gain the awareness live if they could not do it in person.

Your Soldier’s firm will send letter with important information including the ceremony begin time and a rain plan. Each company manages things differently, and the museum does not have accessibility to those details. Please call your Soldier’s agency for more information. Click right here to watch Fort Benning’s an easy training call information.

Schedule time come visit the museum and learn all about the tradition your Soldier has simply joined. Plenty of Soldiers tourism the museum during straightforward training and also will have the ability to be your personal tour guide! view our itineraries that we’ve created just for you!

The Hampton Inn Columbus/South – ft Benning is situated on the museum campus. To win traffic and stay right next to the museum and also Fort Benning. A full-service breakfast is offered every morning which is perfect for households attending at an early stage morning family members Day and also graduation. For various other lodging options, inspect out

Hampton Inn Columbus-South/Fort Benning firm Name: nationwide Infantry MuseumBOOK NOW

Hampton Inn Columbus-North CompanyName: national Infantry MuseumBOOK NOW

DoubleTree through Hilton Hotel Columbus agency Name: Doubletree ColumbusBOOK NOW





From I-185: take it I-185 south from Columbus to departure 1B. Drive west on us 27/280/431 (Victory Drive) for about a mile, rotate left in ~ the light onto fort Benning Blvd. Travel around 1.5 miles; the museum enntrance gate is on the right. ~ above graduation mornings, protection will straight you to parking spots as result of heavy traffic. If handicapped or in need of aid please ask security for direction to the website traffic circle in the front of the museum.

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Leaving the Museum: You may use either Fort Benning Blvd or south Lumpkin road to return to Victory Drive. Once on success Drive, turn appropriate to with I-185.