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The Facebook post below which claims that Delta airline officially rotate 33 or 85 years old, and also to celebrate lock are offering away totally free tickets, is one more Delta airline Facebook survey scam. The scam will certainly attempt come trick potential victims into commenting ~ above it, liking it, share it and also completing surveys, by claiming the they have to do therefore in order for a possibility of receiving one of the cost-free airline tickets.

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But, the Facebook short article is a fake and also is not associated with Delta Airlines. The is only a cheat to obtain Facebook customers to comment on, "like" or re-publishing in order to spread the same scam to other Facebook users. Facebook customers who have actually received the cheat on their Facebook wall or Timeline, are asked to report that to facebook as spam.

The "Delta airlines is offering 2 cost-free Tickets Anniversary" inspection Scam

Delta wait Lines is providing 2 complimentary Tickets come celebrate 33rd / 85th Anniversary!

acquire Your tickets now! and also Fly any type of where!


constantly go come the legitimate Delta Airline / airways Facebook web page to verify the authenticity of a promotion prior to taking part in it. Their Facebook web page is situated at:

Remember, by liking, commenting on, or sharing the scam, girlfriend are only helping to spread out it to other Facebook users and making the scammers responsible for this, knife money. Scammers earn money when they make a web page popular and also are maybe to market it come the highest possible bidder, together with the names and also other public information of the persons who favored or common the scam. I guess the last thing we want to execute is to make these scammers well-off by tricking you and others right into commenting on, liking and sharing a Facebook article or website. So, if friend have currently liked, commented on, or mutual this scam, please unlike, eliminate your comment and also 'unshare' it.

Click right here for indict on just how to remove things you have currently posted on Facebook. And be careful, because scammers and also spammers are tricking facebook users right into commenting on, sharing and also liking things on Facebook.

~ tricking on facebook users into doing the above-mentioned activities, the scam will certainly then ask them to go to a fake Delta prayer website to complete surveys. The website will ask Facebook customers to finish surveys and share the same website in order to was standing a possibility of receiving totally free flights for one year, however this is a trick to obtain you to finish the surveys that the cybercriminals behind this cheat will get paid for.

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