Demetrius Shipp Jr is an American gibbs who became famous after play the lead function in his first-ever exhilaration job. He play the lead function in the biopic of the late rap music legend Tupac Shakur. Below is everything we know about the all Eyez top top Me actor.

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Demetrius Shipp Jr background

Demetrius Shipp Jr. Is an American gibbs who depicted the so late rapper and also actor Tupac Shakur in the 2017 biopic every Eyez on Me.

He was born in Carson, California, the United claims on November 20, 1988, making him 32 year old as of November 2020.

Is Demetrius Shipp Jr Tupac son?

Demetrius Shipp Jr Tupac comparisons are not shocking, as the actor certainly looks favor a copy that the so late rapper.

However, his wonderful acting skills, a two-hour makeup, median diets, and also vocal training played far-reaching roles in transforming the actor right into Tupac Shakur, the personality that lugged him fame.

Due to how much Demetrius looks prefer the late Tupac Shakur, numerous fans that the actor and also the late rapper have actually been asking — who is Demetrius Shipp Jr father?

One apparent thing is that Tupac is not the actor's father.


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Demetrius Shipp Jr dad is music producer Demetrius Shipp Sr. Who functioned on Tupac's The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day concept album and also the single Toss the Up.


Before all Eyez top top Me, Shipp never dreamed of coming to be an actor. His first-ever acting suffer came when he play the function of a comic-relief character named Bubblegum Bart in ~ a Christmas party in his school as soon as he remained in the sixth-grade.

Shipp worked at Target, 24 Hour Fitness, and also Dish Network prior to his exhilaration career take it off.

Shipp was cast to pat Tupac, many thanks to his cousin, that advised the to submit his audition tape come the producer the the film.

His father helped him to send his audition tape come the producer of the movie L.T Hutton.

According to reports by USA Today, the first time the producer of the film met Shipp, the felt choose he had met Tupac in person.


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While talking about how Demetrius obtained the lead function in the biopic, Hutton, one of the producer of the movie, stated that beyond the physical similarities in between Demetrius and also Tupac, his spirit and the human being he is on the within is what eventually landed that the role.

He defined him together a herbal actor who was born to play the role.

His latest acting duty is the character named Miracle in the heist film reduced Throat City. The film additionally features Isaiah Washington, T. I., and Terrence Howard.

The Tupac look-alike has actually featured in 5 movies and also TV shows after his every Eyez top top Me expert acting debut.

Demetrius Shipp Jr. Movies and also TV shows

The adhering to are the movies and TV shows that the actor has actually featured in so much in his career.

MoviesCut neck City (2020): MiracleSame difference (2019): MarcAll Eyez ~ above Me (2017): Tupac

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TV seriesAll American (2018-2020): Tyrone MorrisThe Bobby Brown Story (2018): Tupac ShakurTales (2017): Kenny

Demetrius Shipp Jr. Net worth

The every Eyez ~ above Me star reportedly has actually a net worth of approximately $2 million.

Relationships and also dating history

The gibbs is believed to be at this time single. Information about his past relationships is not public expertise yet due to the fact that he keeps his date life an extremely private.

Though Demetrius is at this time single, he is a father of three beautiful children. He has one daughter and two sons.

What is Demetrius Shipp Jr height?

The actor's height is 5 feet 11 customs (1.8 cm), and he weighs 75kg.

Social media

Like countless other actors, the all Eyez ~ above Me star is active on society media. Demetrius Shipp Jr Instagram account has actually 349,000 followers, if his Twitter account has actually 18,000 followers.


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Actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. Attends the 2017 bet Awards at Microsoft Theater. Photo: by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagicSource: Getty Images

Demetrius Shipp Jr. Is a father and also an actor. He is one of the few actors in Hollywood that played notable characters in their first acting roles. His portrayal that Tupac has earned that fame and recognition amongst fans that the so late Hip-hop legend.

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