Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are the seemingly unshakeable friendship that has survived rehab, marriage and more.

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2. They'd go together each other's dates on the red carpet

Aww, remember earlier when Nick had those curls? The Disney friends to be all around pals ~ above the red carpet, who requirements a day when you deserve to rock up v your bestie? Picture: PA


3. Nick assisted write many of Demi's debut album 'Don't Foget'

They've collaborated with each other on so countless songs, from method back in 2008 to recent years. What a talented duo! Picture: PA


4. Demi sustained the Jonas brothers tour where the pair hung the end for mainly on end

We imagine tours deserve to be a gruelling experience at times, being on the road away from her family and also friends because that weeks top top end. Aren't Nick and Demi happy to have had actually each other - aww!


5. The pair laugh off dating rumours

As much as the world would like it, Nemi are just too great mates to date. Return they carry out look mega hot together posing because that cameras top top the red carpet! Picture: PA

6. But if Nick to be to marry any of his friends, it'd be Demi!

Nick called Capital earlier in 2015 that he'd "love to spend his life with his ideal friend" - OK, sufficient now! #cutenessoverload. Alas, that wasn't come be together he bound the knot v Priyanka Chopra in 2018.

7. They love come share some freaky tweets

The pair were always replying come one one more on Twitter agreeing v something one's said, and also it's sort of freaky. Picture: Getty

8. Demi revealed she leant top top Nick during her stint in rehab

She claimed afterwards, "I feel prefer I can contact him when I’m really struggling or whatever, and he’ll it is in there because that me." Picture: Getty

9. Twin dates aren't a problem

No 3rd wheeling here. Demi and also Nick's ex, Olivia were great friends too - we wonder even if it is she's hung out with Priyanka yet?

10. Mutual friends - Demi and also Nick hang out through Meghan Trainor

Both have a many love because that the 'All around That Bass' singer, might it be this three room combining pressures for one super cool clique? Picture: Getty

11. Occupational hard, pat hard. The pair gain away together in this swanky jet plane.

Sometimes girlfriend gotta take it a break, and also who better to gain away v than her BFF?

12. Castle love to take it the stage together

Continuing to execute what lock do ideal in 2015, with Nick's extremely anticipated song 'Avalanche' which featured vocals from Demi - it's good to watch this pair on phase together again. Picture: getty

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13. They've also gone into service together - with their own record label!

The pair that besties will be publication their very own projects v Safehouse, as well as searching because that the next huge stars! Picture: Getty

14. Demi was notably absent from Nick's wedding come Priyanka Chopra...

... However this was simply a few months after she overdose and rehab admission in 2018 so resources say she to be focussing on she recovery in ~ the time. Picture: Getty