Former Disney Channel BFFs Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez don’t talk about the other these days. However on march 31, 2020, the former posted a lot around another Selena: Selena Quintanilla, the pop star who Gomez is named after. Here’s what she wrote about famed singer on the anniversary of her tragic death, and what Gomez has actually previously said on the subject.

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Demi Lovato and also Selena Gomez were as soon as close friends


Demi Lovato and also Selena Gomez come at the 28th yearly MTV video clip Music Awards on august 28, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. | Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Gomez and Lovato first became friends as cast members top top the children’s program Barney & Friends in the 1990s. Native there, the Texas-born actors made their means to Hollywood, whereby they both auditioned because that Disney Channel. Gomez starred in the collection Wizards that Waverly Place, while Lovato headlined the TV movie Camp Rock and its sequel.

Both stayed on the Disney Channel because that years, even going on come co-star in the movie together: The Princess defense Program. In the te since, their friendship has actually gone through numerous ups and downs. They were last seen together in 2017.

Selena Gomez’s namesake is Selena Quintanilla

Check out all the time Selena Gomez channeled her namesake, Selena Quintanilla!

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In 2016, Gomez spoke around her namesake. “My dad and also mom were large fans. They actually loved music, for this reason they simply named me after ~ her.” In addition to your names (and both gift singers), Gomez and Quintanilla were both born to Mexican-American fathers, and both prospered up in Texas.

“I thrived up and also I went to her grave, I obtained to walk to her house,” she said in a currently 100.5 radio interview. She dubbed the endure “really crazy,” explaining how she “got at sight emotional” once she met the late musician’s family.

Lovato paid tribute to the singer top top Instagram

Demi Lovato mirrors plenty of cleavage in spot-on Selena Quintanilla costume: Pics!

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Like Gomez, Lovato is a very huge fan that the singer. She also dressed up together her when (see the above image) for Halloween. But Lovato took it to a totality other level this year, sharing a series of photos of Quintanilla to she Instagram Story top top the 25th anniversary of she death. While watching the Jennifer Lopez-starring film around her life, Lovato wrote:

This step taught me at a young age, it’s okay to eat pizza as a pop star. It sounds insignificant however having struggled because that years v an eating disorder, this affected me in a way I never ever forgot. Selena live her reality everyday. She didn’t treatment what civilization thought the her and she resides her life according to she values: music and also family. She broke barriers as a Latina woman and also as an artist.

Did Selena acknowledge the anniversary?

Do y’all remember once Selena Gomez wore a Selena Quintanilla shirt.

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Like Lovato, Gomez has been with a lot over the years. From she 2017 kidney transplant (and recurring struggles with lupus) to she depression and anxiety, the singer and actor has functioned hard come refocus on she music. These days, she doesn’t post much that isn’t around her new album Rare or her upcoming assembly line.

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Though she didn’t straight honor Quintanilla on the anniversary of she passing, Gomez has displayed she important respects her namesake on other occasions. The above image of her wearing a t-shirt with Quintanilla’s face on it was taken just two years ago. ~ all, everyone grieves in various ways.