January 26, 2021 - 22:01 GMT night Crosbie The pop star was in a connection with the Nicholas Torres gibbs for six years before they went their separate means - get the details

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama and pop star Demi Lovato"s romance was one for the history books.

After conference a decade ago, the pair stole our hearts many thanks to your undeniable connection and ridiculously great looks.

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While the couple called the quitsin June 2016, their friendship stays strong. Keep reading for everything to know around Wilmer and Demi"s 6 year romance...

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How did Wilmer and also Demimeet?

The two met while shoot a PSA because that Voto Latino, a video announcement that encouraged young world to vote throughout the upcoming elections ago in 2010. In she 2017 documentarySimply Complicated, Demi opened up about the minute she very first set eye on the that "70s show actor.

"I thought, "I have to have him" but I was only 17 and he was like, "Get far from me" as he was more than 12 years older," she recalled.

Wilmer and also Demi first met in 2010

"When ns turned 18 we started dating. Ns think it to be love at first sight, we associated on a level the I"ve never connected with anyone before, he was simply my rock, mine everything."

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However, that wasn"t intended to be together in 2016, the very same year Wilmer join the cast of NCIS,the two went their separate ways.The breakup was stated to have been mutual and both felt as though they were better off together friends

WhydidWilmer and Demi rest up?

At the moment of the split, the starsdescribed your decisionas "incredibly difficult" in a share statement i beg your pardon read: "After practically six loving and also wonderful year together, we have chose to end our relationship. This was an incredibly challenging decision for both that us, but we have realised more than anything that we are much better as ideal friends.

It concluded: "We will always be supportive of one another. Thank you to everyone who has available us kindness and also support end the years."

Wilmer and also Demi determined they would be far better off as friends

News of their separation came as a shock to fans as many speculated the the 2 would at some point get married due to the fact that their connection looked come be acquiring serious and also Demi herself had openly talked about the possibility of obtaining married come the 40-year-old actor.

The Skyscraper hitmaker also praised him because that standing by her side through her struggles with depression and substance abuse. In 2015, when she celebrated three year of sobriety, Demi thanked Wilmer for maintaining her alive.

She wrote on society media: "After sharing my ups, placing up through my downs and supporting mine recovery... The still never takes credit and also I desire the world to know just how incredible his spirit is. I really wouldn"t be alive today without him."

Wilmer and Demi"s friendship today

The former couple remain donate of each other, and also from the sound of it, they will constantly be close friends. Wilmerreportedly checked out Lovato throughout her 2018 hospitalisation adhering to her relapse.

At thebeginning that 2020, Wilmer announced his engagement to his girlfriend of eight monthsAmanda Pacheco and also the pair have due to the fact that confirmed the they will welcome their an initial child later this year.

Wilmer is expecting his first baby through fiancée Amanda Pacheco

At the time, Demi to be asked come share her thoughts in an interview with Harper"s Bazaar.She said: "I"m yes, really happy for him and I wish him nothing yet the best, however we"re no in every other"s lives, haven"t talked in a long time. Yet I think I essential that due to the fact that I necessary to find out to be okay on my own.

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"When you obtain into a connection with someone at that young of an er and climate you spend six years through somebody, friend don"t really gain to learn around yourself."

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