Sending subliminal messages? Demi Lovato post a cryptic tweet come Twitter on Thursday, September 1, sooner or later after her ex Wilmer Valderrama and also Minka Kelly were spotted the end on a date in Hollywood.

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“You have to be qualified of being ethical with yourself prior to you can get honest with various other people,” the 24-year-old singer tweeted. Though there is no direct reference come Valderrama, 36, fans were rapid to respond come Lovato’s article with native of support.

On Wednesday, respectable 31, Valderrama and also his previous flame, 36-year-old Kelly, to be spotted on a dinner date at Palms Thai restaurant in Hollywood. A source tells us that the pair rekindled your romance around a month ago, and also an eyewitness said it “looked like a date.”

omg I necessary this

— rebecca (
allysonsfeels) September 2, 2016

the totality self love thing is sooooo crucial ❤️??

— liam (
kiwicabelIo) September 2, 2016

it’s kinda prefer loving yourself. You need to love yourself before you love various other people. I love this tweet for this reason much. Many thanks Dem❤️xo

— meghan middleton (

The pair formerly dated in 2012, once Kelly and also her then-beau Derek Jeter’s relationship was ~ above the rocks.

Lovato and Valderrama referred to as it quits on their relationship in June after nearly six year together, but have seemingly remained amicable since.


Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama in Hollywood. Splash News and also Pictures

“This to be an incredibly complicated decision because that both that us, yet we have actually realized more than noþeles that us are far better as finest friends,” both stars posted to your Instagram accounts on Friday, June 3. “We will constantly be donate of one another.”


Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The “Confident” singer has moved on native the couple’s high-profile separation as well. As previously reported through Us, Lovato walk on a day with Odell Beckham Jr. this previous July, at NYC’s hunting & Fish society restaurant.

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“They no making out or anything, but it looked favor a date,” a source told us at the time. “They were laughing and also having fun. Lock looked prefer they hit that off!” 

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