The 28-year-old singer shares just how she unintentionally burned the pounds and reveals how she look at

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Demi Lovato is celebrating her current weight lose — yet the sense of pride she feeling isn’t due to the fact that she grounding to a strictly meal plan or placed in extra hrs at the gym.

Instead, it’s because, despite past battles with an eating disorder, the “OK no to be OK” singer claims this revolution only happened after she ditched diet culture altogether.

“Accidentally shed weight,” Lovato told she fans and also followers ~ above Instagram Monday. “I don’t count calories anymore. I don’t over exercise anymore. Ns don’t restrict or purge. And I especially I don’t live my life as necessary to the diet culture.. And I’ve actually lost weight.”

The 28-year-old common that message alongside a brief video clip in i beg your pardon she tugged at the newly loose waistband that her trousers to show the results.


“This is a different experience,” she added. “But ns feel full. No of food yet of magnificent wisdom and cosmic guidance.” follow to the caption, she’s additionally full of “peace, serenity, joy, and love.”

And it is the important component for Lovato, not the number top top a scale. After ~ all, simply over two months ago, she required to Instagram come celebrate miscellaneous else about her body — simply loving it simply the method it is.

“I offered to genuinely think recovery indigenous an eating disorder no real,” she created at the time. “That anyone was faking or privately relapsing behind close up door doors. ... Ns so grateful that I deserve to honestly say because that the first time in mine life - mine dietitian looked at me and said ‘This is what eat disorder recovery looks like.’”

She paired that post with photos of she stretchmarks, i beg your pardon she chose to highlight v glitter repaint rather 보다 hide.


But in one more post she shared on society media Monday, Lovato reminded she fans that, when it’s essential that they expropriate themselves as they are, they need to remember that what rather share online could not reflect reality.

“How room teens supposed to learn to accept themselves (with) this sh--,” she wrote over a greatly filtered video of herself. Various other messages imposed over the clip include, “These no my actual eyes. ... Mine skin is not this smooth. ... Wait execute I need a smaller nose?!”

To perform her part, Lovato plan to give up the filters in the future.

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“Thank God i’m realizing this now,” she included to the message. “And i’m sorry for utilizing them (without) realizing exactly how dangerous they to be before.”


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