In the four-part YouTube docuseries Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, chart-topping singer and also actress Demi Lovato bares all. The series, the last illustration of i m sorry dropped April 6, covers everything from her battles with her mental health, alcohol and also drug use, to her sex-related assault, eat disorder, and also a career the started as soon as she was just a kid. To contact it brave is a huge understatement.

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Below, 8 key moments that detail the stars traumatic past, and her road to recovery.

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Beauty Pageant fallout (Episode 1: ‘Losing Control’)

From an early age, Lovato was put in beauty, beauty pageants, and also she states they to be the root cause of an eat disorder. Exceptionally competitive, they’re “all about your looks and also talent,” she says, and “her self-esteem was fully damaged.” Demi admits to having actually made a pact with herself in ~ one certain event that if she “didn’t success the pageant never eat again.”

After her pageant days, the pressure snowballed as soon as she to be thrown into an acting career start with Barney, and also continuing on with Disney’s Camp Rock and also Sonny v a Chance.


The Overdose (Episode 1: ‘Losing Control’)

In the docuseries, Lovato addresses her 2018 overdose. It to be at a photo shoot three months prior, she reveals, the she thought, “I don’t also know why I’m sober anymore.” the night, she finished up at a party and ran right into her old medicine dealer, and went top top what she call “a purchase spree.” She do the efforts meth for the first time and also mixed it v molly, coke, weed, and also alcohol. She began using crack cocaine recreationally. Rapid forward to the night she met up through friends, checked out a couple of bars, and also ended up back at her residence where she invited over among her dealers over, eventually leading to the overdose.

‘Lucky to be Alive’ (Episode 2: ‘5 minute From Death’)

We discover that Jordan Jackson, Lovato’s assistant, arrived at the star’s residence the morning of the overdose to carry her to a doctor’s appointment. After knocking numerous times v no answer, she entered Lovato’s room and also found her passed out and also seemingly drunk. ~ nudging her, she realized she required to contact 911. Once the first responders arrived, Jackson recalls Lovato had actually turned blue.

Lovato claims she’s “lucky to be alive” and also that doctors had actually told her the if she’d been found even five to 10 minutes later, she “wouldn’t be below today.”


Demi Lovato: Dancing through the Devil

Legally blind (Episode 2: ‘5 minute From Death’)

The docuseries additionally reveals that Lovato endured a heart attack, multiple organ failure, three strokes, and brain damage complying with the overdose. Due to the brain damage (a an outcome of the strokes), Lovato wake up up legitimate blind, i beg your pardon lasted for 2 months. She still can not drive and has blind spots in she vision. As soon as she make the efforts to to water a glass the water, she says, she “totally misses the cup.”

Friends Receive death Threats (Episode 3: ‘Reclaiming Power’)

After news broke about the overdose, recalls Lovato’s best friend and also hip-hop artist Sirah (below), she started receiving fatality threats native Lovato fans due to images turn around of she being with the pop star during difficult periods of her life. Another an excellent friend, back-up dancer Dani Vitale, received thousands that messages per day on social media indigenous Lovato fans telling her to “die” and “kill herself” as result of reports they’d to be partying together the night before the overdose.

Sexual attack (Episode 3: ‘Reclaiming Power’)

Lovato likewise shares one more trauma: She to be sexually assaulted and “lost her virginity to rape” together a teenager. (She was additionally sexually attacked the night of the overdose through her medicine dealer.) in ~ the time, she was functioning at Disney and also she had actually hooked up with an unnamed actors member. She reveals the she told the she was a virgin and didn’t want to take it further, and he proceeded come rape her.

She called someone about the rape, however the attacker was never ever punished; he wasn’t even removed native movie they were in. This caused the worsening of her eating disorder, and her bulimia acquired so bad that she was “throwing increase blood because that the first time,” Lovato says.


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Sobriety (Episode 4: ‘Rebirthing’)

Guests Christina Aguilera, Elton John, and Will Ferrell join Lovato in the final episode, wherein she describes what sobriety now means to her. Her friends say that 2020 was the ideal year of Lovato’s life. Sirah notes that Lovato “grew for this reason much,” currently meditates, and also does little things for herself that make a large impact, such together stretching before bed.

Lovato says that she’s currently “smoking weed and drinking in moderation,” and some friends and also family express reservations around it. Elton defines that “moderation doesn’t work. If you drink you’re going to drink more, if you take a pill you’re going come take another one.”

Lovato emphasizes the her meaning of sobriety might not be the exact same as that is for others.

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Eating Disorder Under manage (Episode 4: ‘Rebirthing’)

Lovato explains that she to be “unable to uncover recovery in her eating disorder until she uncovered balance” in her food and exercise. The eat disorder “no much longer rules she life,” she says, and she no much longer feels prefer she’s “in prison.” for eight years, Lovato had received watermelon cakes top top her birthday to try “to store her load down,” yet on a expedition to Palm Springs in 2020, she ate whatever she wanted, and also had three different birthday cakes — an tremendous milestone in her road to recovery.