In Demi Lovato"s upelafilador.neting YouTube-exclusive documentary, Demi Lovato: merely elafilador.netplicated, the star opens up around all the secrets of her previous from her drug abuse to she stint in rehab to her separation from ex-fiancè Wilmer Valderrama.

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And if Demi has actually previously been really vocal around her struggles, there are specific aspects of she addiction period that she hasn"t filled us in on...

... until now!


elvisduran and also of food my amazing Lovatics because that sharing your evening through me in NYC! #TellMeYouLoveMe #iHeartDemiLovato

In the trailer for the doco, Demi admits the she "was not basic to job-related with."

A specifically intriguing piece of details was what go down throughout her 2010 tour through Nick Jonas whereby Dems ~mysteriously~ pulled out midway through the tour.

People reports that the climate 18-year-old Demi had "gotten in trouble” for her behaviour the night before.

When the tour supervisors questioned her around what explicit points she was doing the night, Demi became enraged as she assumed that one of the backup dancers had actually reported her.

Right after ~ this conversation, said back-up dancer Alex Welch recalled the Lovato “pulled the dancers in a room and also threatened: ‘If I discover out who told ~ above me …’ ”

Welch maintained that she wasn"t worried as she hadn"t experienced what happened the night before.

“I felt, honestly, i didn’t say anything and also didn’t think twice around it," she said.


(L-R) Unnamed back-up dancer, Demi Lovato, Alex Welch


She adds: “We were on the aircraft with the Jonas" having this awesome time and also I didn’t gain a call or text from Demi or a ‘hey, you acquired a problem with me,’ nothing. And she walks up and punches me and literally walked away and got in her seat.”

“No one need to walk up and also do that and also brush it over, it’s not right."

The beat was so intense that it brought about a black color eye.

Following this incident, Demi battered the tour and also checked in elafilador.nete rehab where she sought treatment for depression, self-harm, drug addiction and also an eat disorder.

Years later, Demi has fully recovered from she previous issues and even go on tour with Nick Jonas again because that the Future now Tour in 2016.

Simply elafilador.netplicated debuts top top YouTube top top October 17.

Demi Lovato: Simply elafilador.netplex - main Trailer - elafilador.neting to YouTube Oct 17th

If or someone you understand needs help, you have the right to speak confidentially elafilador.nete a trained counsellor 24 hrs a job at or children Helpline: 1800 55 1800.

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