This may be tough to believe, however it’s been practically 14 years due to the fact that the Disney Channel display As the Bell Rings first premiered ~ above the network and, boy, perform we feel old! that’s right, on respectable 26, 2007, pan were an initial introduced come the short, five-minute episodes that quickly became a clip for viewers as soon as watching their favorite shows.

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For those who forgot, end the course of 2 seasons, the comedy show followed a team of six friends as they interacted in between each of their high college classes. Every episode finished with the bell ringing, signaling the start of their next class and the start of Disney Channel’s next show. The display starred Tony Oller, Demi Lovato, Seth Ginsberg, Carlson Young, Collin Cole, Gabriela Rodriguez and also Lindsey Black.

Of course, fans recognize that this short-lived series served as Demi’s large break top top the children’s network. Throughout an interview v Apple Music‘s Zane Lowe in April 2021, they acquired real around growing increase on the Disney Channel.

“I called it Disney High since my only peers were other world on the Disney Channel,” Demi recalled. “And it was like, it to be weird. You know, we all dated every other. We all hung out together and we had actually feuds and also it was weird. The was favor high school, yet ours to be on a platform v social media that had never existed before.”

In an previously interview, from might 2020, Demi also reflected on she Disney days and also compared them to high school.

“It to be this really tiny group of children that us really couldn’t relate come a the majority of people, for this reason we kind of stuck together,” they said throughout an figure on the “In Bed with Nick and Megan” podcast. “We referred to as it ‘Disney High’ because when there’s just a select couple of of you that can relate come one another, you begin dating every other, you end up being friends through one another, you fall out with one another and also then you break up through one another. … It’s simply confusing and dramatic, and that’s ‘Disney High’ for you.”

What has Demi and the rest of the quick show’s cast been increase to because the display ended ~ two seasons in 2009? Well, some have gone on come have significant careers in Hollywood while rather stepped out of the spotlight completely. Scroll v our collection to i found it what the cast of As The Bell Rings is as much as now.

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What is Demi Lovato approximately now?

As fans know, As The Bell Rings launched Demi’s major career. After they played the role of Charlotte, Demi walk on come star in shows choose Sonny with A Chance and Glee. They additionally had movie duties in Camp Rock, Camp rock 2: The last Jam, Charming and the Netflix original Eurovision.

In 2008, Demi reduce their an initial album and since then has released a full of seven studio albums. Since their climb to fame, the former Disney Channel star has been open about their battles with eating disorders, psychological health and addiction. In 2020, the singer make a major comeback in ~ the Grammy Awards and performed their first solo single in over 18 months. The heartfelt ballad dubbed “Anyone” was written and recorded simply a few days before her inadvertently overdose in July 2018. Demi released a YouTube docuseries called Dancing v the evil one in march 2021.

In July 2020, castle got involved to Max Ehrich, but they referred to as it quits in September that that very same year. In 2021, they come out together non-binary.


What is Tony Oller up to now?

After the starred together Danny, Tony nabbed functions in movies favor Beneath the Darkness, The Purge and The very first Purge. He additionally appeared in TV reflects like Gigantic and CSI:NY.

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Tony additionally teamed up v Malcolm Kelley to kind the popular music duo MKTO. In January 2014, the pair released their an initial album MKTO and in July 2015, castle dropped the Bad Girls EP. In September 2017, Tony said fans that MKTO’s 2nd studio album remained in the functions after the band took a short hiatus. The duo announced their break-up in august 2021.