Back to BiographiesDemi Lovato is a young actress and also singer. She has actually recorded CDs and starred ~ above both TV shows and also in movies. She is finest known for she lead function on the TV display Sonny v A Chance and also starring in the Disney Camp absent movie series.

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Where go Demi thrive up?Demi to be born on respectable 20, 1992 in Dallas, Texas. She began playing the piano at period 7 and fell in love v music. She soon learned guitar and also was writing her own songs. She inquiry her mom to residence school her after gift bullied at school. She walk the remainder of the means through school at home and also even gained her high college diploma this way.What was Demi Lovato"s first acting job?Demi"s first acting task was top top Barney & Friends in ~ the young age of 7. Later on she would have a small role on a couple of shows and then got a little bigger role on the Disney Channel present As the Bell Rings. Her very first big break came through the starring role in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. The movie was a huge success and Demi soon came to be famous for both her acting in the movie as well as her singing. Due to the fact that then Lovato has starred in more movies consisting of Camp rock 2: The last Jam and Princess security Program and starring in her very own Disney Channel comedy sitcom Sonny v a Chance.

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Demi has likewise had a successful music career. She has actually been busy! She to be featured top top both the Camp absent soundtracks and also came out v her own CD"s as well. Her first Album, Don"t Forget, make it to number 2 on the billboard charts.List of Demi Lovato movie and TV RolesMovies2008 Camp Rock2009 Jonas Brothers: The 3D Experience2009 Pricess defense Program2010 Camp absent 2: The last JamTV2002 Barney and also Friends2006 jail Break2006 break-up Ends2007 together the Bell Rings2008 just Jordan2010 Grey"s AnatomyList that Demi Lovato Albums2008 Don"t Forget2008 Camp Rock2009 here We go Again2010 Camp absent 22010 Sunny v A Chance2011 A rose to the FallenFun Facts around Demi LovatoHer mommy was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.She is a vegetarian.She has actually won many awards consisting of several Teen an option Awards and a Peoples selection Award.Her actual name is Demetria Devonne Lovato.In 2009 she toured with David Archuleta. Ago to BiographiesOther Actors and Musicians biographies:


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