After wrecking a sheathe of Prince"s "Purple Rain"a couple of month back,Demi Lovato is at she hit-covering finest onceagainwith a performance that will blow friend away.

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During her "Future Now" tourism on Friday in Cleveland (September 2), Demi made decision to takeAdele"s 25 ballad "When we Were Young" the end for a spin.

And she completely nailed it.

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Demi prefaced her power by telling the crowds that she"d always wanted to song the song yet had never ever performed that live before.

As it turnsout, she had nothing to concern about.

It"s not simply with covers the Demi impresses either, together she introduced her seductive brand-new single "Body Say" back in June.

Although it seems Demi doesn"t always get ~ above with various other music act"s songs, as she and also Sleigh Bellshave been ago and forthover allegations the she ripped off one of their songs, and also now it"s actually caused a lawsuit.

Still, Demi did justice to an Adele song last night - but there"s no beating the original, so have another listen that Adele carry out what she does finest with the track below:

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