Noah Cyrus and Demi Lovato organized hands in ~ the “Space Jam: A brand-new Legacy” party.ALEXJR / BACKGRID

Demi Lovato and also Noah Cyrus to be photographed holding hand at six Flags ~ above Tuesday, month after sparking romance rumors.

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Lovato, that came out together non-binary in May, and also Cyrus attend the “Space Jam: A new Legacy” party at Magic mountain in Valencia, Calif., v friends.

The “Camp Rock” star, 28, wore a black color beanie, a warm pink shirt and also tie-dye pants, while the “July” singer, 21, wore a white overlapping sweatshirt, jeans with patches and also a marine beanie.

The pair were also joined through Lovato’s longtime girlfriend Matthew Scott Montgomery.

The “Sorry no Sorry” singer and Miley Cyrus’ younger sisters teamed up previously this year to record the monitor “Easy” because that Lovato’s latest album, “Dancing v the Devil… the art of beginning Over.”

A source told page Six specifically at the moment that their behavior during the record sessions had people wondering even if it is they were more than simply friends.

“They’re very close and also have been hanging out,” said one source, who even argued the pair might have started a fling.

However, a 2nd source dubbed the rumors “weird” and also insisted they were simply friends.

“They have actually dinner sometimes, yet they’re not romantic,” the source said. “They acquired together because that this tune that sorta came with each other a little last minute, and they cave out.”

The duo an initial sparked romantic rumors a few months back when they taped a tune together.ALEXJR / BACKGRID

Cyrus and Lovato’s outing come a week after the duo perform the collaboration for the an initial time throughout the YouTube pride 2021 event. The infectious diseases world fashion Chorus of Los Angeles join the musicians for the performance.

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Following your performance, Lovato common a photo from your performance and thanked Cyrus because that joining castle onstage.

“Thank friend
noahcyrus for closing out the night w me because that
youtube’s proud 2021 solemn event