An unbreakable bond! Ashton Kutcher maintains a relationship with his ex-wife Demi Moore’s three daughters, Rumer Willis, Scout Willis and also Tallulah Willis.

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“We don’t cave out,” the actor, 41, said of Moore, 57, top top the Monday, February 3, episode of Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast. “I make a really mindful effort to remain in touch with the girls. Ns love them, and I’m never ever going to protect against loving them, right? and respecting them and also honoring them and also rooting for them come be successful in every little thing they’re pursuing.”

The That ‘70s Show alum included that he additionally respects Rumer, Scout and Tallulah’s father, Bruce Willis, and said the would never ever “force” a connection upon the ladies if they didn’t desire it. “But they all do,” Kutcher said. “And it is great.”


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to visit theNo Strings enclosed premiere in 2011. Peter Brooker/Shutterstock

The Iowa native was married come Moore indigenous September 2005 to November 2013. 2 years after their split, the Punk’d cocreator walk on to marry Mila Kunis. He and also the golden Globe nominee, 36, invited daughter Wyatt, 5, and son Dimitri, 3, in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

In June 2019, Kutcher to be spotted hanging out through Rumer, 31, at a Los Angeles cocktail bar. “They arrived through a team of people approximately 8 ,” an eyewitness told united state Weekly exclusively at the time. “They were simply waiting in line and had a an extremely animated conversation.”

The hangout came almost a year after ~ Kunis gushed around her husband’s partnership with his former stepdaughters. “They had actually three youngsters they to be raising. It was, like, a typical life,” the actress told Maron, 56, top top a July 2018 episode of his podcast. “He to be younger, however he love those kids.”

Kutcher told Howard Stern something similar in 2015, explaining, “I loved those children like my own kids, and I helped raise them until Tallulah was 18 once we gained divorced.”

During Kutcher and also Moore’s marriage, the former couple attempted come have children of their own. In she September 2019 Inside Out memoir, the Ghost winner revealed she experienced a pregnant loss at 6 months if she was date Kutcher. They decided the name Chaplin ray for their baby girl prior to the miscarriage.

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