Last year, the actress released a revealing memoir the alleged Ashton Kutcher had cheated top top her throughout their eight-year marriage

During an illustration on Marc Maron’s WTF v Marc Maron podcast, the actor opened up up about the previous couple’s existing relationship complying with the relax Moore’s revealing memoir, Inside Out, late critical year.

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“Ah… us don’t hang out. You know. It’s every good, we don’t cave out,” Kutcher, 41, told Maron. “I do a really aware effort to stay in touch v the girls. It was eight years.”

Kutcher revealed the he’s tho in touch with Moore’s daughters — Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and also Tallulah Willis, 26. (Moore share her three daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis.)

“I love them and I’m never gonna protect against loving them and respecting them and honoring them and rooting for them come be successful in everything they’re pursuing,” Kutcher said.

“At the exact same time, I’m no their father. Ns was never ever trying to be their father. I constantly had respect for Bruce and I think he’s a brilliant human being being and also a exorbitant man,” the added. “So if lock don’t desire an engagement through me, I’m not gonna force it ~ above them, but they all do and it’s great.”

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Moore, 57, and Kutcher first began dating in 2003 after they met at a dinner party. The actress was in her 40s, while Kutcher to be 15 year younger. They wed in 2005 but divorced in 2013.

In September, Moore released a bombshell memoir that detailed allegations of infidelities and also threesomes during her eight-year union with Kutcher, and also that she endured a heritage at 6 months which led to her to spiral into abusing alcohol and Vicodin.

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At the time that the book was very first published in September, Moore stated that her partnership with Kutcher, who never ever commented top top the allegations, to be “friendly.”

“We have some things that overlap. It’s friendly. But we’re not…hanging out,” she told WSJ. Magazine.

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