Fam-demonium! Dancing v the Stars contestant Rumer Willis received some star-studded support on Monday, April 6, native her mom Demi Moore, sister Tallulah Willis, and family girlfriend Glenn Close.

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On the show, Willis mutual painful memories of being bullied throughout her formative years in Hollywood. “When i was a teenager ns was super awkward,” she reflected. “I nothing think i really feel comfortable in my human body or with exactly how I looked and people to be nasty.”

Willis, currently 26, described how she grappled with her looks because that years. “For years I believed ‘Maybe ns can get plastic surgery… If I change my confront or get really skinny, that will certainly be it, that will certainly be the answer,"” she said, wiping away tears. “And the not.”

In fact, she found the answer through the assist of her renowned family. “My sisters Tallulah remained in rehab and also I to be inspired,” Rumer shared, “because she didn’t shot to hide native it. She yes, really owned it.”


During her heartfelt confessional, Moore, 52, held up her hands in a “namaste” position as she whispered in Tallulah’s ear. Moore’s previous mother-in-law Marlene Willis was seated to her left and proudly beamed at her granddaughter from the audience. Meanwhile, Close appeared to be emotional and appreciative the Rumer’s honesty.


valley Close gets emotional during Rumer Willis’ Dancing through the Stars performance

Those very same emotions to be echoed after ~ Rumer’s beautiful performance of Adele‘s “Turning Tables” v Val Chmerkovskiy. Moore to be seen getting teary-eyed in the audience after her daughter’s powerful waltz to the hit.

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Following the show, Rumer told Us Weekly and other reporters around her relationship with her sisters.

“We type of have this transmittable laughter where one of us beginning laughing and also the other one will go and it just kind that continues,” she said of just how she binding with Tallulah, 21, and Scout, 23. “I’m honestly more than likely the many grateful that I have such an incredibly solid bond through my 2 sisters that room older and also I expect that sooner or later you recognize all 5 of us deserve to really have that.” (Rumer also has two half-sisters, Evelyn and also Mabel, her father Bruce Willis‘ young kids with second wife Emma Heming.)