A video clip has resurfaced showing Demi Moore passionately kissing a 15-year-old boy.

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In irradiate of the scandal over exactly how elafilador.net-stars treat every other, interest has been rekindled in a YouTube clip mirroring the Hollywood actress snogging the lad that starred alongside she in the TV drama general Hospital.


Aged just 19 herself, the teenage Demi have the right to be viewed locking lips with child actor Philip Tanzini that was celebrating his 15th date of birth party.

Posted on YouTube in 2012 and also racking up more than 6.5 million views, the five-minute clip sees Moore initiate the kiss v Tanzini 3 times.

Speaking elafilador.netme the camera, she says: “I love the dearly. He’s among my most favourite people.” 

Demi to be wed to an initial hubby Freddy Moore at the moment of she party snog through Philip.

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The duo attitude after the snoggingCredit: YOUTUBE

The object of she affection seemed pleased and also joined in: “We’re walk to gain married by the way.

"Don’t let she husband find out.”

Demi responded: “I can not wait. He yes, really is important terrific. That is, and I love him since he keeps me happy.”


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