Arresting brand-new photos that Demi Moore left fans in disbelief yesterday. Now, side-by-side pics disclose just how much she changed.

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Actress Demi Moore walked her first runway this week, with a catwalk cameo during Fendi’s spring present at Paris Fashion Week.

Moore opened the show in a plunging off-the-shoulder jacket and wide-leg trousers, together with dramatic, trailing earrings.


But it was the Ghost and Indecent Proposal star’s face, no her clothing, that made headlines roughly the world: Moore, 58, looked vastly various from just months earlier, with severe, express cheekbones and a pursed pout.

I experienced articles around Demi Moore opening for Fendi in ~ a runway show and scrolled down to watch the photos. Didn"t look favor her, therefore I assumed journalists got it elafilador.netbined up and used someone else"s photos. The shock once realizing that is in fact THE Demi Moore. Simply uh-With a new face.

— Merleen (

Man, ns love Demi Moore. Civilization are entitled to perform what castle want as soon as it concerns cosmetic surgery. But...what?

— Punky Brewster"s BFF (

Freaked out with Demi Moore"s new look in the Fendi runway show.Why, Demi, whhhyyyy?!I"m hoping it"s simply really bad makeup and those challenge tapes i check out the Chinese ladies usage to transform their faces with.

— JODI (


— god"s lovely sinner™️ (

The Demi Moore speak reminds me of the messed up method some females in our society deal with acquiring older. Required to carve their challenge into a caricature due to the fact that we placed a required expiration day on beauty.

— Tynisa the cynical Gen X Witch walker (

I love Demi Moore yet what in the world happened to her confront 🤧🥺😭 Don"t tell me its simply contouring coz it"s not. 😳

— ᴄʜɪɴɢ ✌︎♡︎☺︎︎ (

Moore hasn’t talked publicly around the plastic surgical procedure rumours – however the star has actually a reputation for being remarkably candid, giving jaw-dropping details about her an individual life in the 2019 autobiography within Out.

Moore in-depth the fail of she three marriages – elafilador.nete musician Freddy Moore and actors Bruce Willis and also Ashton Kutcher – in the warts-and-all memoir.

Moore’s dramatic brand-new makeover elafilador.nete 40 years since she do her display debut in the 1981 film Choices. The mum-of-three has gone through fairly a couple of looks since then.


No stranger elafilador.nete a striptease, Moore earlier made an appearance in ~ Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 fashion display last October, posing in a black lace bodysuit v a plunging neckline and fishnet stockings.

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