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Bookmakers currently have Republicans defeating Democrats come win control of Congress next year.

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The Republican Party is the favourite to take bulk control of the Senate adhering to the 2022 midterms, through their odds of win the chamber at 5/6 (54 percent), according to betting aggregator US-Bookies.

The GOP"s odds of capturing the house stand at 2/5, or 71.4 percent.

The autonomous Party"s odds that holding regulate of the Senate space 21/10, or approximately 32 percent. The party"s odds for keeping their bulk in the house are slightly greater at 2/1, or 33 percent, according to the site.

"While the odds favor Republicans winning manage of conference come midterms, your odds take it the residence are more powerful than the Senate," a US-Bookies spokesperson claimed in a news release. "But with the Republican majority looming, the Biden administration will likely challenge some challenges in the second half of the term, i m sorry could affect the 2024 outlook."

Democrats currently control the 2 chambers however by narrow margins. In the House, free outnumber conservatives 220 come 212. In the Senate, Democrats and the independents who caucus v them comprise 50 percent that the chamber—with Vice chairman Kamala Harris over there to cast any tie-breaking votes.

Historical precedent is ~ above the Republican Party"s side, as midterm elections have tendency to it is in a referendum ~ above the party in charge.

Plus, for Democrats the 2022 map has actually dwindled following the redistricting process. Axios reported last month that Democrats have cut their perform of Republican house seats come target from 39 come 21.

But polling has presented the compete to be close. FiveThirtyEight"s generic congressional ballot mirrors Democrats and also Republicans much less than 3 percentage points apart once voters are asked i m sorry party lock will assistance in following year"s elections.

House speak Nancy Pelosi said last month Democrats have actually "no intention" of losing manage of the chamber.


Bookmakers right now have Republicans beating Democrats come win manage of Congress next year. Above, a senator leaves the U.S. Capitol following a poll on Tuesday.Kevin Dietsch/Getty ImagesUS-Bookies also noted updated 2024 odds top top Wednesday. According to the site, Harris" odds in the following presidential election have improved native 5/1 (roughly 16 percent) come 7/2 (22 percent) end the previous month.

Her odds are much better than president Joe Biden or Donald Trump, whose odds stay at 4/1 and 13/2, respectively.

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"Though Harris has actually the ideal odds to win the next presidential election, Biden is still the favorite to be the autonomous nominee," stated a US-Bookies spokesperson. "This argues that the odds show an ext confidence in Harris beating the Republican candidate 보다 they perform in Biden."

Political betting is illegal in the unified States but is famous in Europe and other areas abroad.