Rep. Jared Huffman
Jared william Huffman535 "presidents" through veto power: Why budget plan deal continues to be elusive Dem really hopes for infrastructure vote fight brick wall surface Pelosi implores democracy to "embrace" arising deal MORE (D-Calif.) said this week that requiring witnesses testifying before conference to affirm an oath to God is “unconstitutional.”

“It’s unconstitutional to require a angry in congressional testimony to affirm an oath to a deity they might not even think in or to affirm an oath to a singular divine being when you could be a multi-purpose Hindu because that example,” Huffman said throughout an interview ~ above The liberty From religion Foundation’s “Freethought Matters” program.

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“It’s simply preposterous."

Huffman additionally said that congressional committees have a “sporadic standard” for including God in their oaths.

The California Democrat, that sits top top the House herbal Resources Committee, claimed dropping the oath or enabling those who testify before the panel to voluntarily say it was proposed, for example. 

“Liz Cheney

Elizabeth (Liz) Lynn CheneyJan. 6 committee grants postponements come Jeffrey Clark, Dan Scavino Cheney calls the end Fox over new Tucker Carlson promo Equilibrium/Sustainability — gift by Southern firm — What a leading biologist says will save humans much more just walk ballistic," Huffman said, introduce to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the house Republican Conference chairwoman.

"She smelled blood in the water, go on Fox News and started ranting around how Democrats were dropping God indigenous the Congress," that added.

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A spokesperson for Cheney told Fox News that she "will always defend God. Period. If that bothers Rep. Huffman, fine be praying because that him."

Fox noted that Rep. Mike Johnson

James (Mike) Michael JohnsonOvernight Defense & national Security — Pentagon officials get grilling from house House lawmakers push Pentagon end Afghanistan withdrawal house passes bill to prevent shutdown and suspend debt limit much more (R-La.) has actually criticized democracy this year for excluding the “so help me God” phrase from oaths, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler
Jerrold (Jerry) Lewis NadlerOvernight power & environment — presented by American Clean strength — democrats prepare come grill oil execs Merkley, Warren and Markey sound alarm end "dirty" hydrogen provision in climate deal All eyes on Garland ~ Bannon contempt vote an ext (N.Y.) and Rep. Steve Cohen
Stephen (Steve) Ira CohenProgressives win again: No facilities vote this evening Liberals defy Pelosi, say they"ll block infrastructure bill have the right to the united state Navy fight and also win a war? MORE (Tenn.), the chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee top top the Constitution, civil Rights and also Civil Liberties.