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“It’s shameful, to be ethical with you, the an issue of this importance was supplied for pure politics,” stated Sen. John E. Brooks (D-Seaford) at Veterans of international Wars write-up 7279 in Lindenhurst. “Never, ever, ever were gold families at danger of losing that support.”

Originally published in Newsday on April 16, 2019

State Senate democracy from long Island checked out a Lindenhurst veterans room Monday to tout a legislative proposal aimed at expanding college help for dependents of army personnel eliminated or permanently injured while on duty.

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The proposal comes amid Albany Republicans" accusations that Assembly Democrats to be disloyal toward veterans after blocking a Republican-backed bill that an in similar way endorsed scholarships for armed forces dependents, but available no method to pay for them.

Led by autonomous lawmakers, the Assembly’s higher Education Committee poll 15-11 critical week come table the Republican proposal — known as the “Hawley Bill,” successfully killing it.

The measure would have expanded the state’s Military intensified Recognition Incentive and Tribute (MERIT) scholarship program — which already provides approximately $24,250 in college assist to dependents of military personnel killed or disabled in combat — to encompass the dependents that personnel eliminated or permanently disabled where they were on duty.

Democrats said they did not assistance the Republican proposal because it to be released after ~ legislators passed the state’s $175 billion budget April 1, an interpretation it would have actually no source of funding even if it to be signed into law.

Democratic legislators said your college help proposal would walk into result April 1, 2020, presumably giving lawmakers time to include extr spending because that military family members scholarships in next year’s budget.

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“It’s shameful, come be honest with you, that an worry of this prestige was supplied for pure politics,” said Sen. Man E. Brooks (D-Seaford) at Veterans of international Wars write-up 7279 in Lindenhurst. “Never, ever, ever before were gold  families at threat of shedding that support.”

Democrats were reportedly smarting indigenous the results of a Republican media blitz launched after the committee vote. The GOP media campaign accused democracy of failing “to honor our nation’s fallen heroes.”

“This bring away hypocrisy come a whole brand-new level,” Assemb. Mike LiPetri (R-Massapequa) said about the autonomous proposal in an April 9 news release. “When go a Democrat, particularly one from new York City, ever complain around how lot something costs?”

Kirby Hannan, statewide legislative advocate for the VFW, claimed that when "the optics looked bad" after democrats refused to back the Republican bill, he was satisfied with democratic Senate proposal.

“I’m happy the the legislation is recognizing the kids of deceased veterans,” Hannan said. “And if the bill has to wait until following year to put the money in, i’m ok through that.”